Torn | Completed

Charlie Faires considers herself just like anybody else although shes not like most teenagers. When all her friends fan girl over the biggest boyband in the world One Direction she says they're nothing but five idiots with fancy hair and cars but will her thoughts on them change when they stay at her Mums 5 star hotel...


38. Saved

I closed my eyes feeling my fingertips slide off of the balcony edge when a hand grabbed my wrist. I opened my eyes not believing that I was not yet dead. I glanced up and saw two hands clinging on to my wrist. I smelled a strawberry perfume scent and saw long nails painted blue and pink and immediately knew who it was.

"HARRY STYLES WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOUR PLAYING AT YOU LITTLE SHIT!!" Charlies tender voice shouted at me. "Charlie you have to let go, you'll fall too!" I said managing to pull her hands off of me. But she grabbed me again before I could fall. "NO! I will die anyway without you Harry so I might aswell do it now, although I would prefer if you just GOT YOUR FAT ARSE UP HERE AND SAVED US BOTH YOU DOPE!" She screamed. I knew I couldn't let Charlie die too so I heaved myself up onto the ledge and threw myself over the balcony, holding her tightly into my chest. We were both shaking like hell so I just sat on the balcony holding her close. 

"Don't you ever scare me like that again okay?"She asked, beginning to cry. "Okay I won't, I swear!"

*Sufia's P.O.V.*

I dragged my battered body out of the bathrooms. Everyone stared at me as I was a mess! I ran back into the screen to find Zayn storming out with his jacket. 

"Zayn, Zayn wait!" I forced out, struggling to breath. "Oh God Sufia, what happened?" He asked staring at me with his eyes widened. "M-M-Ma-" I was saying but I couldn't speak. "Okay okay shh.. I'm going to call a limo, sit down!" He said helping me to sit down in a chair outside the screen. I managed to get my breath back. "A limo's coming, now what happened?" Zayn asked putting his arm around me.

"Maya, she locked me in the supply closet and beat me up, she threw me against the wall and bruised me badly!" I told him beginning to cry. I didn't even bother mention Emma-Kate she was just a syco! "That little bitch! I knew she was dodgy!" Zayn said to himself. "Don't worry I'll take care of her! Right now we just need to get you back to the hotel and cleaned up, I'll make sure she pays for what she's done!" He told me. I smiled weakly. Zayn pulled up me sleeve gently and gasped when he saw all the blood, bruises and cuts. It was the same on the other arm to and he was stunned. 

"'ll be okay!" He soothed holding me close. I nuzzled my head into his neck. Zayn was the one for me no one else...

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