Torn | Completed

Charlie Faires considers herself just like anybody else although shes not like most teenagers. When all her friends fan girl over the biggest boyband in the world One Direction she says they're nothing but five idiots with fancy hair and cars but will her thoughts on them change when they stay at her Mums 5 star hotel...


11. Old room

"What, what do you mean?" I laughed totally misunderstanding what they were on about.

"Just close your eyes!"

Harry said covering my eyes. So I did but the next thing I heard was whispering and the hands letting go of me and then a cold new pair covering them which I guessed were probably Niall's. What was happening. Did Niall like me. Did Harry and WHO in the name of God was the train station boy! Anyway the door clicked open and Niall led me down the hallway.

"Slowly, slowly, slowly does it!" He whispered in my ear.

"Niall your crazy!" I told him in a fit of giggles.

"Ready now open your eyes!" And he let go. I opened my eyes. What the heck? We were in an old hotel room with ripped bed sheets and torn down wallpaper .

"Erm not to be rude but.. why are we here?" I asked really confused. 

"Its fun, c'mon!" Louis said. They all got up on the beds and started jumping on them. 

"Here Charlie!" Niall said holding out a hand. I took it and he pulled me up onto the bed with him. 

"EEEK!" I squealed when I nearly fell.

"Don't worry. I gottcha!" He whispered. He stared into my eyes. I stared into his. His hands entwined with mine and he smiled. We closed our eyes and just as something might of happened, Harry grabbed me by the legs and put me over his shoulders. He just wouldn't give up would he! He dumped me on another bed and started to tickle me. I was laughing so hard my ribs were paining me. 

"Stop Harry stop!" I managed to get out.

As soon as he stopped I saw him look at Niall and Niall shot him a look, a bad one...

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