Torn | Completed

Charlie Faires considers herself just like anybody else although shes not like most teenagers. When all her friends fan girl over the biggest boyband in the world One Direction she says they're nothing but five idiots with fancy hair and cars but will her thoughts on them change when they stay at her Mums 5 star hotel...


8. Niall

*The Next Day*

I put my waitress apron on and entered the restaurant to serve at breakfast. I had decided to put the mysterious boy out of my head, well for today at least.I was about to take another order when Niall grabbed me by the waist and jumped up.

"Peekaboo!!" He said playfully. My face lit up as soon as I saw him and I knew he could tell. 

"Hey Niall!" I said cheerfully. 

"Hey Charlie watcha doin???" He asked following me as I made my way behind the counter to the till.

"Oh just ya know, waitressing!"I laughed.

"Cool! Well I have to go back up to the room now but I was wondering if maybe you would wanna come with? You know hang for a while?" I couldn't believe it! Maybe I didn't scare Niall off, maybe he liked me too! By now I had forgotten all about the train station boy. But just then I had a reality check. I was working!

"Oh Niall, I really wish I could but you know how breakfast is rush hour and I'm really busy!" I sighed moving to another table. 

"Pretty please Charlie, pleeeaasee!" 

How could I say no?

"Well, alright Niall!" I said. I took off my apron and got my bag. Then I got in the lift with Niall.

"I hope your not afraid of heights because we're all the way up on level 7!"

"Level 7! So your staying in a penthouse?"I asked. But it was quite obvious he was right?

"No not a penthouse, the penthouse!"


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