Torn | Completed

Charlie Faires considers herself just like anybody else although shes not like most teenagers. When all her friends fan girl over the biggest boyband in the world One Direction she says they're nothing but five idiots with fancy hair and cars but will her thoughts on them change when they stay at her Mums 5 star hotel...


33. Nandos

I walked into Nando's hand in hand with Niall. I caught Harry looking envious but he had to realise Niall was still my boyfriend at the moment. We all sat down at a long table. I sat between Niall and Sufia. 

"So, whats everyone having?" Zayn asked.

"I really don't know?" Lexi said looking at the menu.

"I have an idea. We all get the chicken burger and have a contest to see who can finish theirs first!" Niall told us. He really did come up with wacky ideas.

"I don't know I'll probably be sick!" I told everyone. "Me too!" Sufia said agreeing with me. "Oh c'mon guys, it'll be fun!" Louis said prompting us. "I will!" Lexi said agreeing. "Same, me too!" Said Maya. I sighed and looked at Sufia. She shrugged. "Alright fine!" I said beginning to laugh at how mad this was. All 5 of the boys went up to order our food and get the sauces and drinks. Maya and Lexi started to chat all the way down the other end of the table so I decided to tell Sufia that Maya saw me and Harry as Maya definitely wouldn't hear us.

"Sufia, you know in the dress shop?" I asked her.

"Yeah, what?" She said moving closer to me so she could hear as it was loud.

"Well when Harry came into the dressing room we kissed and Maya well, she kinda saw!" I told her. Sufia buried her head in her hands and shook it. 

"Charlie she's dodgy, we can't have her being in on this!" She told me shaking me by the shoulders. 

"Do you think she'll tell, she told me she wouldn't!" I told Sufia. "It's hard to know with her, we've always thought she was funny Charlie, and she did get peed off at you in the limo, she could just be a spiteful person. Never the less we need to keep her happy, we can't do anything to upset or annoy her now got it?" Sufia said to me. "Yeah now shh, here the boys come!" I said as soon as I saw them walking over carrying our food. 

"Alright!" They said giving everyone a plate. We all got ready holding our knives and forks. Niall and Louis weren't even going to use knives and forks. "3...2...1 GO!" Niall shouted.We all dug in to our food. Lexi ate all her chips and then stopped as she couldn't eat anymore so that ruled her out! Zayn and Liam stopped next. I gave up pretty soon as I felt I was going to vomit! Soon the only two that were left..would you guess..were Harry and Niall. They narrowed there eyes at each other and stared. I couldn't help but think this wasn't a contest on who could eat the most food, it was a contest over me! They started to huff and puff and Niall went red. I began to pat his back. He looked as if he was about to choke. 

"Okay cut it out guys this is going way to far!" Sufia said but they didn't stop. "Seriously guys!" I told them. Niall began to go purple so I looked at Sufia and she winked. 1 I counted in my head. 2, 3! And we grabbed both their plates off of them. Everybody sighed and said "what did you do that for" Harry and Niall sat back banging their fists on the table but soon they made a run for the bathrooms, probably to throw up! I spotted across the table Zayn and Maya talking. Maya gave him a disgusted look, threw her knife and fork down on table and stormed out the door. Sufia looked at me with a worried look and I gave her one too. But before I could say anything Zayn walked over.

"Sufia, can I talk to you over here please?" He asked. She looked at me and I gave her a small prompting nod.

"Sure!" She said taking his hand. He led her over towards the door. I tried to make out what they were saying but I couldn't! Zayn asked her something I think and she nodded. He took her hand and they were about to walk out the door when Sufia ran back over to the table.

"Charlie, he wants to take me to a movie. Him and Maya broke up!" She squealed excitedly. I smiled and said have fun as she ran of excitedly.

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