Torn | Completed

Charlie Faires considers herself just like anybody else although shes not like most teenagers. When all her friends fan girl over the biggest boyband in the world One Direction she says they're nothing but five idiots with fancy hair and cars but will her thoughts on them change when they stay at her Mums 5 star hotel...


17. Morning After

I woke up to the beeping of my phone. I picked it up off the dresser, it was text message from Niall. 

"Hey Babe, u ok??? I'll be over in 10 luv u oxoxox" It stated.

Oh God. Harry! I shook Harry trying to wake him up.

"HARRY, HARRY!" I shouted. "WAKE UP?" 

"Yeah?" He yawned sleepely. 

"NIALL'LL BE IN ANY MINUTE GET YOUR FAT ASS UP!" I shouted pulling up the mattress so he rolled of onto the ground.

"Crap! How will I get out and back in there?" He asked standing up.

"Erm..come with me." I said grabbing his hand. I clicked open the door slowly to make sure Niall wasn't there. It might make the wrong impression your bandmate coming out of your girlfriends hotel room. Who was I kidding it was wrong. I signelled for Harry to come out but as soon as I did Niall came right ot of the room next door with flowers. 

"Oh eh Niall Hi!" I said awkwardly. 

"W-whats going on Charlie, why are you with Harry?" He asked.

"Oh I can explain..welll..I!" I was explaining when Harry took over.

"Charlie was down getting breakfast when she saw me, I didn't come home last night, you know me clubbing and all..!" Harry told Niall. 

"Oh well I got you these Charlie!" Niall told me handing me a bunch of roses. 

"Awh thats so sweet Niall." I said hugging him and giving him a kiss on the cheek. To let Harry know I was his and NO ONE elses!

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