Torn | Completed

Charlie Faires considers herself just like anybody else although shes not like most teenagers. When all her friends fan girl over the biggest boyband in the world One Direction she says they're nothing but five idiots with fancy hair and cars but will her thoughts on them change when they stay at her Mums 5 star hotel...


40. Keep him away

Harry left soon after vowing to try keep Niall away from any shops for today at least, but I still felt I only had a few hours left being his girlfriend. I was stressing out when my phone rang. It was mum and I was ready to get a lecture. I sighed and accepted the call.

"Hi Mum, hows gran and grandad, are they good?" I asked trying to avoid the cheating subject even though I knew that was what this call was about. "Shut up Charlene you know what this is about and I am, very VERY disappointed in you!" Mum shouted down the phone.

"I know I'm sorry, I didn't mean for it to happen!" I told her. "Do you know what? I tried to leave your grans house today but I couldn't because radio 1, daybreak and EVERY other news reporter in the country WERE AT MY BLOOMING DOOR!" She shouted sternly, her voice getting angrier and louder as she went on. "Does Niall know your after doing this to him, our whole family are very ashamed of you missy!?" Mum asked. "Your breaking up Mum bye!" I said quickly hanging up before she could say anything else. She could nag at me all she wanted but this day was about making sure Niall knew how much of a mistake I made and how much I regret it and love him. When me and Mum's phone call was over I saw I had one new message, from Niall! I took a deep breath bearly even being able to read it. 

"Get your coat on, we're off to the cinema. I'll meet you at the main door, love you, Niall xxx" I stated. He'd know something was up if I didn't go, plus I could keep him away from any newsagents if I went so I agreed and made my way down to the front door to fin Sufia only sitting on the couch. 

"Hey, the guys aren't here something wrong?" She asked. She must of seen I looked pail and I was shivering out of nerves. I handed her the four headlines I had in my pocket. She read them with wide eyes. "Oh Charlie, what have you done?" She said. I shook my head and sighed. "And the thing is, I regret it so much Sufia!" I told her, my voice quivering. 

"Are you going to tell Niall yourself?" She asked. "No, I'll try and keep him away but surely one of his mates will tell him!" I told her. She nodded and asked if Harry knew about this, so I told her he did. "Well here they come, just stick with me okay, theres a very small chance we can make this right again!" She ordered, pointing to One Direction on there way out of the lift. I nodded in agreement and put a smile on my face, trying to cover up the pain and nerves. 

"Hey ready to go?" Niall asked me, his fingers entwining with mine. "Yup!" I said. Harry gave me a thumbs up and a weak smile. I gave him one back as we all made our way outside..

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