The Flooded Earth

Jade is 13. It is the year 2400. Global warming has attacked and most of the world is hidden under the watery surface. Jade has to look after her many siblings whilst trying to discover the truths hidden from her. And the water is fighting land.


3. What?

I reached the house, panting. I was ready to collapse on the steps when I heard the noise from the house. Conversations muffled by walls. My curiosity was greater than my need to sit down. I hopped up the steps two at a time and rang the bell. My dad opened the door and yanked me inside. 

Note to self: never leave without keys.

My dad spoke to me quietly for a few minutes while the conversation continued. I was itching to go into the living room but dad was stern so I stayed put, Ignoring his every word. 

Finally I was free and I darted to the room. The door was open and I slipped in. All noise stopped and every eye trained on me. I looked at each and every face. Then "What?"

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