The Flooded Earth

Jade is 13. It is the year 2400. Global warming has attacked and most of the world is hidden under the watery surface. Jade has to look after her many siblings whilst trying to discover the truths hidden from her. And the water is fighting land.


2. Night at the beach

I kept running, unable to stop. I prayed that the blessed beach would muffle my footsteps with the help of the roaring ocean. I began to feel out of breath and stumbled now and then but I kept running. To hell, I kept running. 

My loss of breaths became heavy pants and I hadn't gone far. I tripped and fell flat on my face. I rolled over and a man stood before me. I stared up at him bewildered. He stared back. The man held out his hand and after a few moments I took. I was lifted onto my feet and for a moment we sized each other up. Only a moment.

He was short and stumpy with a heavy limp making him walk strangely. His face was hard and frowning, hair jet black with dark mysterious eyes and a strange moustache. I followed him unable to pull away. It was almost as if was in a trance where I followed whoever was in front of me. But that couldn't be the case. He looked more like a strange banker than a magician. They all did, wearing sharp pin striped suits.

We reached the group and they went in front with the man leaving me to follow behind. I could her the voices more clearly now, deep and strangled. The voices were careful and quiet but I still heard snippets of conversation. 

"Are you sure she's the right one?"

"If you muck this up..." 

"Are you sure about this?"

I couldn't take it any longer. I snapped back into reality and turned to run only to find a tall dangerous looking man with frightening eyes standing there before me. I panicked, and swam into darkness.


I woke with a start. The rain had stopped and the world was dark. I was further from the sea than I remembered being. Muddy banks rose behind my frightened figure. I leapt up and examined my body. I was fine until my arms. On the left a large bump sat there lazily with a plaster over the top. I felt the bump gently and agonising pain shot through me. I wouldn't be doing that again. On my right hand my index finger held a plaster near the top. I decided not to touch it in case it hurt as much as the bump. 

Injuries sorted I tried to work out where I was. The men had lead me away from the path taking me in the wrong direction but they had obviously moved me since. That's the problem with beaches. No matter where you look it's all the same. I walked with the water to my right and hoped I'd stumble across the right path although it was highly unlikely. 

Instead of painfully hot it was now painfully cold and I wished I had brought a jumper instead of just wearing a vest top. The wind was harsh and I began to shiver, I hoped the path would turn up soon or I'd freeze to death.


After five long minutes of walking I found a path. Stepping onto it I felt the familiar hollow crunch of the road to home. 

"Thank you" I whispered to no one in particular. I pushed against the wind now blowing in my face and the meadows popped up on both sides. They stank of human waste. We had stopped using sewers a long time ago and now waste just flowed into the meadows.

I was heavy footed and against the crunching path I made a lot of noise. This made me feel nervous because I wouldn't be able to hear if some one was behind me. I wanted to turn around but I was too scared I'd stumbled and fall over. I would become easy pickings for anyone. I walked faster and faster until I was finally running down the path. I felt sleepy and thought I would collapse of tiredness but I kept running. I kept running as if my life depended on it. And it did. To me.

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