The Flooded Earth

Jade is 13. It is the year 2400. Global warming has attacked and most of the world is hidden under the watery surface. Jade has to look after her many siblings whilst trying to discover the truths hidden from her. And the water is fighting land.


1. Men at the beach

Water tapped against the glossy windows. Sheets of ice glistened in the midday sun and I gazed lazily out the window. Most people hate the rain. It makes them feel sad and gloomy but I don't. I think it's beautiful and refreshing. A rainbow sparkled outside and I longed to go out. However being grounded by my mum meant nothing than the upstairs room on the top floor next to the storage room. This room was white with a plain black breaking chair and a massive rotting copy of the Bible for entertainment. 

There was a click from the door. I leapt up out of the chair and darted to it. The room was huge and could have had better uses but there we are. I ran down the several flights of stairs and out into the open. The air was sweet and wet but I didn't stop there. I kept running. Past all the towering houses with fancy colours and central heating and children who never left their home. Children who never went to school. School closed a few years ago as less and less children began to come. 

The houses were behind me and rotting brown meadows opened up. Meadows filled with our rubbish and waste. Meadows that smelt foul and no longer contained playing children. I remembered playing in one of them. It was fun. 

Then it came into sight. Bright and glistening with yellow sand and white pebbles shining like pearls in the snow. My feet left the dirt track and became muffled against the sandy pillow. The water was almost touching my feet when I stopped. I dropped to my knees, panting.

I knelt there watching the tide wash in and around me soaking my jeans. It was cold and fresh and relaxing. I just remained still worried that if I moved or spoke the moment would be ruined.

Someone murmured behind me and I stood up quickly. The murmurs became hushed voices. Two? Three? More? 

I turned around and saw a group of people. Men. All eyes trained on me speaking softly to each other. I stood there confused. Why were they here? Why look at me? Where they speaking about me? 101 questions and answers went through my head.

One of them stepped forward. I turned and ran.

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