The Flooded Earth

Jade is 13. It is the year 2400. Global warming has attacked and most of the world is hidden under the watery surface. Jade has to look after her many siblings whilst trying to discover the truths hidden from her. And the water is fighting land.


4. Mad?

I stared bewildered not registering that the word left my mouth. My mother pulled me into a huge bear hug and said something but I wasn't listening. I just stared at the men who stood in my living room. They looked like strange bankers in pinstripe suits. 

My thoughts went crazy. Then became jumbled into sounds.

"Jade, where were you? We couldn't find you anywhere. We looked and looked but..."

"Well then you can't have looked hard." My voice was moody and quiet. Mum looked back at the men worriedly then gestured for me to sit down. I shook my head but she dragged me down anyway.

" What happened? Please." Her voice was gentle and soothing. I tried my best to recite the story which already fading from my mind, careful to leave out descriptions. Afterward I hung my head low.

" What did they look like Jade? What did the men look like?" It was like she was talking to a toddler who invented a story. I didn't make this up.

"Them." I murmured the words so only she could hear.

"They have been with us all day Jade, it can't have been them" she said it so loud the people next door could have heard. I looked up at her and she looked worried. Seriously worried. "Go and get ready for bed the. Come back down and we'll have a chat." 

I left the room and did as I was told. I couldn't think. I moved like a zombie. Thoughtless.


As I came back into the living room I noticed the stern faces. The room was silent. Mum came up to me with a man. He wore a strange moustache and a heavy limp. I hated him already. 

"Jade. This is dr. Smith." Pause. "He and I have been talking and.." She searched for the right words. "The possibility has been considered that... you... need to go... somewhere else. A place for people like you."

"People like me?"

 She looked helplessly at the man. Tears welling up in her eyes. 

"You think I'm mad?... I know what I saw! They were there!" In desperation I pointed an accusing finger at the men who stood and watched. Satisfied.

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