Blurb: She is no normal girl She feel in love then they had a spark he died, she has to fill his dieing wish to love again.


1. That was then.

"Stop!" I yelled, as he tightening his grip on my arms, then pushed me into a wall. "You're hurting me!" I screamed in pain when he hit me across the face.

"Why should I stop!" He flung me to the ground. "You derever to die right here right now!" He laught picking up a knife, he kneeled down next to me. Placed the knife over my heart. I started to laught. "Go on then kill me then. Kill me now!" I grabbed the knife and trying to push it into my heart. "I wanna die!" I laughted some more.

"Why are you laughting? You're going to die!"

"I'm laught coz that's what I want to do when I die, I wanna die laughting!" I felt to knife pierced my skin. I started to sing. "Now a day everybody wanna talk when they got somethin' to say but nothin' comes out when they move they lip it's just a bunch of gibberish!" Yeah it's Dr Dre! I love him! The knife when into my skin more, when I felt him get off me. I looked to the side and saw something, that changed my life forever. He was lying on the ground with someone on top of him. "You will not kill her you asshole!" He yelled. I saw him bend down and bite him. Then it was slients. The dude looked at me. I wasn' t scared, I was still ready to die. Sirens. I was in his arms, and he ran. He was strong and fast. I new what he was. He was a vampire. But  his arms stil made me feel safe. I let my self cry, at the stabbing pain where the knife was. We where still running. He looked down at me. "It's OK. Everything's alright. There's no need to cry." He whispered, again and again untill I fell a sleep.


"You're awake." I looked across the room. To see the man who saved my life. He was cute, Black short hair but not shaved short hair, big blue eyes. "How old are you?"


"Really, I was guessing 103 years old. Oh , well." He was by my side as soon as I said that. "How do you know what I am?" Silently I sat up and moved my black currly hair off the back of my neck. He seen and walked backwards. "You where bite, and didn't change." I nodded. "You're her. Aren't you." I didn't like them calling me that... her. I don't see the big deal of surviving a vampire bite. I nodded. He gasped. I laught. "What's you're name?"

"Josh." He was looking out the window.

"OK, I'm Love. And I'm getting breakfast. Josh come and get some breakfast." I said pulling my hair to the side showing my bare neck. He shook his head. "Awww, why not?!" I whined. He teansed up. "OK then, but I'm taking that as a insult!" I walked off. I was on the floor and Josh was ontop of me, bitting my neck. Hard. I'm didn't enjoy it, but he was now mine for ever. He new that too. He moaned. Pressing hard against me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer. But instead of, bitting me. His mouth was ontop of mine. Then something happened. I screamed. So did he. I opened my eyes. So did he. He sat up. My fingers shoot up to my lips. They hurt. "Sorry." I said, although I was not regreating the kiss at all. He was staring at me. "Has that ever happen before?" I shook my head. "Never"

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