The Brother I never Knew

Josie a Normal 18 year old who HATES one direction but what will she do when she finds out Louis Tomlinson is her brother? and what happens when they fall for her


7. Sorry...

It was a  really quiet drive home until we came to a stop Louis and Harry fought over who gets to carry me into the house but Louis won cause he made a speech about me being his sister and all that. So Louis carried me into the house and sat me down on the couch

''HEY GUYS COME HERE!'' He says standing in front of me

Harry, Niall, Liam, And Zayn came close to me

''Dude she has a black eye!'' Liam says

''Na dip!'' Harry says

Liam hit Harry in the stomach ''O it's on!'' Harry says

''You are such a baby!'' Liam say's, Harry pushes Liam, Liam pushes back

''Alright guys break it up!'' Niall says trying to break them apart before they kill each other

I decided to open my eyes so they won't start get into  a big fight

''JOSIE!'' Louis says he kneels down The rest surround's me

''are you ok?'' Liam says

''Umm... Yea im fine...''

''Josie what happened out there?'' Zayn and Louis says at the same time

'' Umm well... I can't really remember much.. i do remember i was lost and then t started raining then these group of girls started threatening me, then suddenly they started running i fell and then everything went black, That's all i remember...''

''Well we better do something about that black eye.'' Niall says getting up and walking toward the kitchen getting an ice pack

Louis hold the icepack up to my eye ''OW!'' I say pushing it off

''Sorry love.'' he says

Me and the boys talked for a while

After that the boys left

''Well Louis, Josie  its 2:30 in the morning im gonna go to bed.'' he says walking upstairs

''K bye!'' i say

''Night!'' Louis says 

It was just me and him sitting on the couch i look at him he looks at me

''Lou I.. Im sorry for the way I acted earlier.'' I say regretting what i said earlier about them on the plane

''O sis its ok..'' he says

''Thanks bro!'' I responded giving him a hug


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