The Brother I never Knew

Josie a Normal 18 year old who HATES one direction but what will she do when she finds out Louis Tomlinson is her brother? and what happens when they fall for her


3. One direction?

''Josie your really lucky to have a brother,'' she says walking down the halls with me ''And especially one that lives in the UK, who knows you might meet One direction!!!!!!'' she says squealing 

'' please Chloe can you stop squealing!'' I say covering my ears

when we get in the classroom everybody starts walking up to me

Someone: ''who's ur brother?!''

someone else: ''When r u leaving?!''

someone: ''whats his name?!''

'' I don't know and I don't really care! Now can u guys give me some space!?'' I say trying to get through

later that day I started packing and saying goodbye to my friends not that I have a lot of friends..

I went to the airport and signed some papers

*on the plane*

I sit down beside a girl about 17, 18 something like that she was listening to music on her MP3.


she takes her headphones off  ''Hey''

''what are you listening to?'' i ask

''One direction! they are so hot!'' she says squealing a bit

''Great just my luck''  I mumble to myself

*5 hours later*

 I get off the plane, and I see these group of guys holding a sign that says my name so i walk up towards the ''Private Jet''

''Hey'' I say

the boy in the middle takes his sunglasses and hoddie off I don't know why there in disguise.

And he takes it off and its Louis Tomlinson from One direction ''Hey'' He says with a British accent,

the rest of the boys take there sunglasses off ''Hey!'' they all say

''No. No i am looking for my brother not a stupid boy band!'' i say walking away

'' Josie i am ur brother'' Louis says

i turn around ''Great..''


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