The Brother I never Knew

Josie a Normal 18 year old who HATES one direction but what will she do when she finds out Louis Tomlinson is her brother? and what happens when they fall for her


2. My Brother?!

*The Next Day*


I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock I groaned

'' Josie,  Wake up its times for school.'' My Grandma Eloise said

''Im coming im coming!!'' I say getting out of bed with my eyes still closed

I  walk to the bathroom and brush my teeth and change, I comb my hair and leave it curly.  I walk downstairs ''Hey Gam!'' I say giving her a hug I look at what she's cooking ''Breakfast looks good!''

'' Thank you Dear, You better get ta eating before your late for school,'' she says putting plates on the table. I yawned and sat down. I look across the table and seen a box   I walk up towards it ''Gam? What's inside the box?'' 

''why don't you open It and see dear?''

I Open the box and find one direction tickets

"Great....'' I say in a  sarcasm way

'' What's wrong Dear do u not like it?''

''You know I hate one direction!..... Look I gotta go.''  I say grabbing my bag I look back and I see her sitting on the couch not smiling and petting the cat


''Look Josie ur really Lucky I would be the happiest girl in the world if my dad bought me one direction tickets u should be grateful.''

''I Know but I Hate one direction!'' I say walking in the class room with Chloe

Teacher: Please take your seats we are having math quiz.''

''UGGHH'' the class says all together

while I was doing my work the principal came in and wanted to talk to me so I walk in her office she tells me to sit down

''Umm Josie we have some bad news...'' she closes her eyes for a second ''your grandma died... Im so sorry...''

 I quickly stand up ''WHAT WHAT HAPPEND?!''

she stands up  ''she was in a car wreck..''

I started tearing up ''Then who am I gonna live with?''

''Well your gonna be living with your brother'' she says

''MY BROTHER?! I had no idea I had a brother!'' I say

''well that's because he lives in another country.''

''what country?'' I ask

''He lives in the united Kingdom''

''Great so im moving?''

''Yes. aren't you excited! '' she asks

''No.'' I grab my bag  ''this day just keeps getting  better and better'' I say opening the door


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