The Brother I never Knew

Josie a Normal 18 year old who HATES one direction but what will she do when she finds out Louis Tomlinson is her brother? and what happens when they fall for her


1. Introduction

Hey readers Im a mystery Directioner At the End of this book I will tell u who I am,  I will also tell u that I have another profile....          

Hey im Josie, im 18 I live with my Grandma My Mom died when I was 6 cause of  cancer and my dad died  3 years after that so I live with my grandma. She is the sweetest grandma in the world but she keeps buying me all these One direction stuff, Like Cds, Books, Braclet's, Shirts and the truth is im not a big fan of One Direction they are stupid! In fact I Hate them they are just a stupid British boy band! She knows I hate them But, she still keeps buying them for me. My friends at she goes crazy over them I don't know why and they  say im Lucky but why does she keep on buying me one direction stuff?

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