The Brother I never Knew

Josie a Normal 18 year old who HATES one direction but what will she do when she finds out Louis Tomlinson is her brother? and what happens when they fall for her


9. Harry

I ran downstairs Harry followed,

''There ya are!'' Louis say putting the pancakes on the plates ''Thank you.'' I tell Louis I immediately start eating

''So uh Josie Im going to the beach with Eleanor today do you want to come cause Eleanor said she would like to meet you.'' He says taking a bite of his pancakes ''Maybe another time Lou.''

After breakfast Louis got ready to go to the beach and I was messaging Chloe she was freaking out that my brother was Louis Tomlinson.

''Josie im leaving now!'' Louis says from downstairs

''Ok bye!!!'' I scream

A couple minutes later Harry came in

''I have a surprise for you Josie.'' He says

''What is it?'' I asked very curious

''It's in my right pocket.'' He says with a hot british accent

I dug in there and felt something I took it out

''A condom?''


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