1D The two jealous ones ~ Harry Styles

Molly just moved to town, she don't know anyone. She just moved to a new school, she fitted perfectly she had friends but she wasn't the popular type. She was living a perfect until the car crash ....(she is 18 years)



The bus driver just dropped me infront of the school gates! Sir Albert High School. I stared at the metal gates they were black and tall."Hey your the new girl, I am Abby", "Hey  I am Molly.Molly Peers", I replied trying not to sound to excited. Even if I tried not to sound excited I was. I can feel my face burning up. My palms,MY PALMS started to sweat.I looked up at Abby, her face expression was a give away that she knew I was excited. WHY DID I HAVE TO BE SUCH A DORK! " Well since is your first day allow me to show you to your class", she gave me a cheeky smile."uhmm yeah sure", I replied. She linked arms with me and started leading the way. While I was wondering around I saw people staring at me. I was getting a lil shy.Abby lead the way to a corridor and then another and then another it was as if I was walking through a maze. I got a little scared. Abby, looked at me, as if she is reading my mind,"Hey it might seem scary but is not trust me". I nodded she carried on taking me through corridors until we finally came to my class. "This is your class, ill come and get you when is break, and a little tip, don't get involved with Jasmin Peterson!", "Thanks" I replied, I didn't bother asking about the Jasmin Peterson girl.I walked in class everyone was staring as usual!


THE TEACHER GREETED ME AND MADE ME SIT DOWN NEXT TO JASMIN . The girl Abby warned me about. I got a little uncomfortable. She started teasing me at first. I ignored her."HEY NEW GIRL, WHY ARE YOU SITTNG NEXT TO ME GET OUTTA HERE", she said. I had no choice but ignore her.I dont want to give a bad impression.



Abby still showing me around, when I realised a particular boy staring at me. He was tall and had green eyes, with curly brown hair. He was looking at me, staring. I tried not to look back.I carried on with the tour.As always Abby knowing everything." Seems like you got Harry's attention",Abby said with a wide smile."Harry who", I replied, "Harry Styles, the boy that was staring at you, green eyes, brown hair. the one that you noticed and tried not to look back to !","Excuse me ! I ..I Where are the toilets again?", trying to change the subject." Hey don't get your hopes up his taken. by Jasmin, the popular girl. And the toilet is right there", she pointed. I  felt disappointed. He was cute. Wait WHAT AM I SAYING i don't even know the guy. I walked to the toilets while Abby waited outside.

"HEY LOOK IS THE NEW GIRL", the voice was easy to guess who it was because i heard it before at class.Jasmin was with a bunch of other girls."What you want Jasmin?" getting a little confident. "Oh look who is getting brave our little Molly is it ?" . I stared away. I knew there was no point because considering they were about 10 girls altogether an just me !!


"Are you sure Jasmin did not hurt you !", Abby looked worried, I nodded, "shall I drop you off to your bus stop ?", "I'm okay I think i will manage", Abby left me on the side of the road,To be honest I forgot where the buss stop was. I looked around no one was there, then i heard,,"By babe make sure you call me", it was Jasmin on the opposite road with Harry and four other boys." yeah sure !" He did not look too excited! "Harry  i'm going too, im soo hungry! ", the blonde boy told harry, " Your always hungry !", the boy with the name tag Zayn on his shirt. All the boys laughed and all of them split up. I was just standing there like a duche bag watching the whole thing. When everything was over I started carrying on looking around..But NOthing 


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