1D The two jealous ones ~ Harry Styles

Molly just moved to town, she don't know anyone. She just moved to a new school, she fitted perfectly she had friends but she wasn't the popular type. She was living a perfect until the car crash ....(she is 18 years)


10. .......My life.....someone to help

My life.This life I was talking about. Was no longer a life for me any more. My mum passed away . I couldn't leave this place even  if I wanted to because without the letter my mum told me about .I am not going anywhere. There was a knock on the door properly it was Harry. I will still in my pjs I never changed for days now I never took a shower. I stunk. I knew my life was over. I opened the door. I was staring at amazement, I tried to smile but I was too weak. Instead of smiling I opened my big brown eyes and stared at her. NOPE IT WAS NOT ABBY. Her blonde hair, her blue eyes, the beautiful girl."Molly", she tried to sound excited but when she looked at me she knew something was up."UMMM. Molly.....", she trailed off. I saw her pink suite case.Harry came after her."Umm, Hi are you sure you came to the right place ?", Harry looked up at Her."Who are you?", She questioned,I could see the tension building up. I wanted to speak but I couldn't."I am Harry, a friend of Peers", Harry replied back."Who do you mean. Molly.Molly Peers !", she snapped back at him."Yeah her.Molly", He seemed like he was going to dance and scream for a second because he finally knew my name.I KNOW HOW CAN HE TAKE THAT LONG TO FIND OUT MY NAME. Well to be fair he was too busy helping me out by keeping me company."Well, I am Stacey, Molls. Sister, well technically her Best friend".....5 minutes later they met each other then they realised I actually exist.







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