1D The two jealous ones ~ Harry Styles

Molly just moved to town, she don't know anyone. She just moved to a new school, she fitted perfectly she had friends but she wasn't the popular type. She was living a perfect until the car crash ....(she is 18 years)



"Hun  who is it at the door ??" my mum shouted from the kitchen,"Damn your mom don't call you by your name !", he replied looking angry and fed up."Umm yeah she calls me hun and sometimes by my name !", I replied and smiled at him."Hey why don't you take the bus?",I asked wondering the event that happend and hour ago."I am 19, I have a driver license you know!", he smiled. Im do crazy and such a dork how can i not know he had drivers license. My mum came looking worried."MO......Who is this?" my mum asked. Probs she was picturing me and Harry as girl friends and boy friends. "Mum this is Harry our neighbour", I  did a cheesy smile."Oh hi im Morgan Peers". WELL thank you mum you gave alot of clues about my name to Harry, firstly he knows that my name starts with 'M and O' and he also knows my last name Peers.  Harry winked at me giving a sign that he has learnt my last name. I did my fake smile to him feeling angry at my mum."Well here is your pie Mrs.Peers, I should be going is kind of getting late ", he gave me another wink and went. "He seems nice", my mum said."Well yeah he does but mum don't get your hopes up he has a very beautiful girlfriend", I replied remembering what Abby told me at school. "Oh Darling you never know maybe one day they will have an argument and you two will be together!!", my mum had a huge grin on her face. I couldn't stop blushing that time.But then I said "MUM......NO", and covered my face and ran upstairs to my room. I laid there on my bed for a few seconds when I got a message from Stacey my bestiee from the foster house and we grew up together. her text.


Omg hey how is everything over there??

Any cute boys. Around :) I might come for visit. I am just waiting for my exams to finish and all that :/

My ma said hi by the way. Im not gonna message you for a while stuDYING 

My Reply:


OHH LOOOL Stacey yeah everything is going well :D

And cute boys ! Maybe ! I cant wait for for you too come good luck on yr exams :P


 Dw (don't worry) if you cant reply. 

I stood up from my bed and I had a huge grin on my face.GOOD TIMING BECAUSE AT THAT MOMENT MY MUM CAME IN.

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