1D The two jealous ones ~ Harry Styles

Molly just moved to town, she don't know anyone. She just moved to a new school, she fitted perfectly she had friends but she wasn't the popular type. She was living a perfect until the car crash ....(she is 18 years)


14. Jasmin....!!!

I stepped on the pavement ready to go school.I looked like a ghost or someone who looks awful."Hey look it is the new-",I knew who it was so I cut her off. Jasmin. "Can you just stop, Why are you so mean to me?.. I actually did not do anything to you !", I said calmly."Don't hang round with Harry and I will stop being rude to you.His mine.Everything you see there, his perfect curls, green eyes, is mine", She shouted at me. But one thing she never knew that when she was saying those stuff Harry was behind her. Harry looked confused a little upset, but mostly confused.Darkness fell to his face.I was staring at him.He looked at the ground and looked directly at me and then he turned to Jasmin. He looked upset. He ran off without saying anything. I tried running behind me but it was too late he was gone. The bus came.I decided not to go,since Harry was my only friend. I did not know how to cook properly so I made a sandwich.It was soo stuffy AND BORING to be in a house all day so I walked to the park.When I was there.Something I saw disgusted me.It was so horrible.It was Harry. He was standing there.Kissing someone.But not Jasmin. The girl Harry was kissing looked at me.Then she whispered into Harry's ear. Then Harry looked at me. I know Jasmin was all mean to me but no one not even Jasmin deserved to be cheated on, I don't know if it was because of his anger but no girl should be cheated on.  I started walking back to my house pretending not to see anything, Harry ran behind me."Molly wait.", I heard him shout, but I ignored. He caught up to me. "Molly", he continued he turned me around so I can see his face. "Wha..what were you thinking ?", my reply 

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