1D The two jealous ones ~ Harry Styles

Molly just moved to town, she don't know anyone. She just moved to a new school, she fitted perfectly she had friends but she wasn't the popular type. She was living a perfect until the car crash ....(she is 18 years)


8. BLACK !

; sorry It was Abby.Her voice sounded weak.Instead of being the one standing back i ran up to her."Abby, why aren't you talking to me?", I questioned her.She said nothing.She looked at Jasmin.Jasmin clenched her fist."SHE DOESN'T LIKE YOU", Jasmin answered for her."Is that true Abby?", I Looked at her trying to get the truth out of her.But she said nothing.Harry stood there shocked .The bell rang.Everything was happening  so quickly .Next thing I know rest of our science class crowded around us. I felt dizzy, my head started spinning.I felt ill.MY head was still spinning everyone was still staring.

BLACK,Black was all i saw.

Authors note sorry i keep on making the chapters short :)

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