1D The two jealous ones ~ Harry Styles

Molly just moved to town, she don't know anyone. She just moved to a new school, she fitted perfectly she had friends but she wasn't the popular type. She was living a perfect until the car crash ....(she is 18 years)


11. ANGRY ...

Thank you Stacey now Harry officially knows my name but I could not be bothered thinking about it."So what brought you here ?", Stacey asked Harry in a flirty voice, I knew her so well, It was obvious she wanted Harry to be hers.I GOT ANGRY.I don't know why, either she was flirting badly or I knew she wanted Harry to be hers."I came to check up on Peers.I Mean Molly.", even though he lernt my name he was still struggling to get use to it."Why are you checking up on her, as you can see she is perfectly fine!", Stacey snapped back at him."Oh you don't know !", Harry had a sad face on, like he knows exactly how it feels to lose your mum.I couldn't stand it anymore, I can feel my temper rising.TO make sure I don't faint again. I ran back up to my room shutting the door.Harry ran behind me but he couldn't reach the door. I could hear Stacey's voice. "What is going on?", Stacey seemed calmed as if she knew how I act when i'm angry. 

I would carry on writing on weekends or soon hopefully x 

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