When The Sun Goes Down (15+)

"I ran as fast as I could to get away from him. I knew he wasn't far behind, but I could at least try. I could hear his feet not too far behind me. My hair got in the way of my eyes, but I didn't care. I didn't have time to stop and fix it. I didn't even have time to breathe. He slammed the door open and came running into the room. I stopped breathing for a moment. This is it, I thought. I'm going to die...."
Marilyn was 19 when she experienced something no woman should ever experience. Afterwards, she's constantly running away from this man. That's when she met Liam. They instantly become friends but do they feel something else? Is it love?
***This Movella is rated 'Explicit Content'.***


3. Meeting New People


I looked into these dark chocolate brown eyes, and felt scared. Was he going to do something? Was he going to hurt me, like he did? I inspected his body, eyeing him from head to toe. He had a tall, lean frame and, judging by the smoothness of his face, couldn't be much older than me. The sun-bleached tips of his tousled brown hair seemed to catch light when he moved, although it was dark and rainy outside. He wore a grey coat, with a black shirt underneath. His black pants were dirty, probably from climbing up here. The coat hid a lot, but I could still see that he had muscles. His shoes were originally black but they were all dirty from the mud. His dark eyebrows were raised in question over his deep brown eyes. I think he noticed me looking at him. He reached out a hand, which in one way made me feel a lot better. It made me feel calm. But the alarm clocks were still buzzing in the back of my head. But I reached out my left hand, trying to cover my naked body with the right one. He took my hand and pulled my away from the edge of the cliff. My hand disappeared in his, because his were so much bigger than mine. Once he had pulled me away, he took off his coat, placing it on my shoulders. I wrapped myself in and looked at him.

"Come here." He said in a very kind voice. He laid one arm around my shoulder, forcing me to move forward. He jumped down from the cliff first, landing on his feet. He turned around and looked up at me. He raised his arms in the air and said:

"C'mon, I'll catch you, I promise." I closed my eyes and jumped down. I landed in his arms. I quickly glanced up at him when he placed me on the ground again. He furrows his eyebrows and looked all around him. Kind of like he was looking for something.

"Now, where's that god damn dog..?" He mumbled. It surprised me that he swore. He didn't look like the kind of guy that would.

"Holly?!" He yelled. "Holly? Where are you?" Then I heard a dog barking not too far away and after a few seconds this very small dog came running towards us. She stopped at me and started sniffing on my legs and feet. He lifted her up, holding her in his arms. She was very small, with white fur. He kissed her head, then put an arm around me again.

"C'mon, we got to go, it'll soon be raining again." He said and once again forced me forward. We walked fast back into the woods and picked up the pace. He helped me balance over a small log across a small stream. After a while we got to a hill. The green grass felt so good under my bare feet as we walked up the hill. When we reached the top, I saw this very cute house. It was red, with white shutters and a small light brown door. The flowers in the frontyard were beautiful. Pink small flowers placed infront of big beautiful yellow tulips. He led me to the front door and lifted a corner of the carpet up. I saw a small key before he picked it up. He opened the door and we stepped inside. The place wasn't luxurious by any means. Not that I was being a snob, but everything was far from being new or at least, relatively new. But it was clean. Obsessively so. The old wooden furniture in the hall were so clean you could probably lick them and you wouldn't get any dirt on your tongue. Not that anybody would ever do that.. A blue chair with pink and red flowers on it stood in the right corner of the small room. I noticed it first because of all the colors and also, it drew attention. In the corner of my eyes I saw small metal hooks on the wall. A red old ladies-coat hung there, with a pair of black shoes below. I saw the man sit down on the blue chair and untie his shoes. He struggled with the left shoe and by the sighing I assume it made him pretty frustrated. After he was done, he quickly glanced up at me, then looked down. Then he really looked at me with a shocked face, like he'd forgotten I was there.

"Oh, sorry.." He said, only confirming my previous thoughts. He walked up to me, and reached out his hand. "I'm Liam." He smiled, displaying impossibly white, cosmetically perfect teeth. Oh god, everything about this guy was fastidious. Everything from his perfectly trimmed hair, to his perfectly trimmed fingernails.

I took his hand and shook it. Should I tell him my name...? Probably...

"Mari-" I said, but my voice disappeared. I couldn't say it. I don't know why.. I just couldn't.

"Mary?" He asked. I nodded. 'Close enough...' I thought.

"Come on, let's go." He said taking my hand in his, leading me towards another room. We entered a small room with light pink wallpapers. I saw, what I felt as, millions of bookshelves filled with millions of different books in every color and size. An old table stood in the middle of the room, as clean as everything else. In the old green sofa, which did not fit to the pink wallpapers, sat an old lady. She was reading a book. Her face expression was empty. It had no feeling. She was wearing a pink dress with a pair of matching shoes. Her grey hair was in a big bun in the back of her neck. She looked up at Liam, and her whole face started to shine. I saw her love for him. I saw it in her eyes.

"Liam.." She said and I heard she was very old. Her voice sounded like it had been used too much. She laid the book upside-down and tried to stand up. He quickly ran up to her, helping her up. She looked at his dirty pants and said:

"Why are your pants dirty?" She said and looked up at him again. He just continued to help her walk over to her wheelchair. She sat down and breathed heavily. She saw me and I noticed her eyeing me from head to toe. There I was, soaking wet from the rain and wearing Liam's coat. I probably looked a piece of crap. All dirty and disgusting. Miserable and distroyed. She looked at Liam again and said:

"Liam, who's this?" Her face was as empty as before. No feelings. He quickly glanced back at me and then looked at her again.

"This is Mary, I found her at the cli-" He hesitated.

"What?" The old lady asked. She probably didn't hear him. "Where did you find her?"

"I found her standing in the rain." He said a bit higher. She nodded and looked back at me.

"She's dirty, Liam. Take her to the bathroom, so she can take a shower, will you dear? And give this poor girl some clothes!"

He walked over to me and took my hand again. He once again forced to move forwards and led me to the bathroom. He closed the door and I heard his steps down the hall. I looked around. I saw the shower and thought:

'Well, I better do as she says...'

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