. . . This is tough

HAHAHAHAHA!!! You'll have to read it to find out what happens! (By the way, don't be put off reading my story by this comment).


2. My Gran, my lovely Gran

I was the only one.

The only one that saw her die.


That morning she had been making my 7 year old self breakfast. Pouring milk in, getting me a spoon, and then sitting down, asking me what I was going to do today. An ordinary day.

I had come home from school that night and instantly knew that something was wrong. The doors were locked.

The doors are never locked.

I knocked on the door. Then a little louder. Soon I found that I was hammering.

"Mummy!", I had screamed through the letter-box. No-one was answering.

"Mummy, it's me, Isla! MUMMY!!"


I heard the locks go behind the door, and then Mum's head peeked round. She looked startled, her face white. When she saw me she breathed a sigh of relief.

"Oh, darling", she said, "I thought you were - -"

She stopped mid-sentence, and looked left and right, as if someone might've been watching her. I was very worried about her, so after tea, I went up to my room, snuggled right under the covers, so that no-one else could hear me, and rang my Gran.

'Beeeep, beeeep, beeeep', went the phone, then suddenly, my Gran's voice, my lovely Gran's voice was ringing through my ear.

"Hello? Hello? Helen? Is that you, Helen dear?", she said. "No Gran, it's me!", Isla giggled, and she heard her Gran chuckle on the otherside of the phone. "Oh, hello my sweet! It's been a while since we spoke, hasn't it?"

"Yes Gran, but what I really wanted to ask you was - -"

"Yes, cherub?"

"Well, Gran . . . Mummy's been acting . . . strange recently. It only started today. She looks terribly . . . scared. Gran? Gran?"

Gran had gone quite. If you had've been in Gran's house then, you would have seen that her face was like stone. Grey, terribly grey, it had gone.

"Gran?", I said once more.

Gran knew EXACTLY why Mum was acting like that, and realised that her small granddaughter needed her.

"Well, my little chickpea, I think that your Mummy just has a lot on her mind", Gran was trying really hard not to sound upset and scared aswell infront of me. I loved her for that.

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