. . . This is tough

HAHAHAHAHA!!! You'll have to read it to find out what happens! (By the way, don't be put off reading my story by this comment).


1. About me

I kissed his soft, dark face, tracing the small black tattoo on his chest. I read the curly, ittalic writing, 'isla', it said.

That's me. Isla. I don't have a last name. Well I do, technacily, but I refuse to take my filthy dad's name and my dad refuses by law to have me use my mum's name. I guess he won that one.

See, my mum isn't really . . . . . well . . . . breathing. She's . . . . . . dead.

She only died about 2 years ago so I would've only been around . . . what? 14, 15? But, back then I used to have these wierd . . . migraney sort of things. I used to black out - sometimes it could last for whole hours. Anyway, people are trying to convince me - maybe it's 'cause they know I know - that Mum died in a car accident. But I know what I saw. They keep telling me that I was blacked out, in a wierd trance at the time that mum had died, and that I should stop accusing my dad of such a horrific crime. They tell me that I've made it up, just so I have an accuse to be mean to my dad. I think that that's a horrid thing to say.

I loved my dad - before that night.

I looked up, into Owen's big blue eyes and smiled to myself. I've had a really hard 17 years, but my boyfriend has always been there for me. I remember the day he got that tattoo. Everyone had finished there end of year tests. Owen and I decided to celebrate - we had both got an A+ in the subject we loved best: Drama.

Owen decided he wanted to get a tattoo - I wasn't really keen on the whole needle on skin thing, so for my treat I decided to get an ice-cream with 5 scoops.

After I finished my super-awesome ice-cream cone we headed to the tattoo salon. The tattoo artist asked Owen what he wanted and he had said, 'Isla'. He said that if he ever went round the world, I'd always be there, with him.

Later he told me he loved me and kissed my lips softly. That moment felt special. It was one of the only things in my life that felt like it was actually mine.



Hey guys, next chapter's coming soon. Any ideas? I'd really appreciate them.

Hope you like it so far!

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