Being With You Is The Best


9. You Can See It Coming

We pulled into the hospitals parking lot and got out of the car. I took Matt's hand and held it tightly. If he is going to say goodbye to his mother, then I might as well be there for him. The sign said Emergency Room in bright red letters and a little red cross with a snake wrapped around it. A plump woman approached us with a clipboard in her hand.

"Hi there, I'm Razilee. Visitors?" Her lipstick was smeared all over her snaggletooth and she wore a silver Tiffany bracelet with a heart pendent on it.

"Uh, yes." I answered. "We have some cookies for Sue Braga, it's his mom"

"17th floor, hallway 8, room 246. Here's the key." The little key caught Matt's eye and he sputtered.

"Is there an elevator we could take? It takes longer and I need to talk to Julia." I looked at him then back at Razilee. Razilee let out a snort and pointed toward one.

"It's over there." She said not taking her eyes off her clipboard.

"Bitch..." Matt muttered and we walked to the elevator. I pressed the 17th floor number and waited for it to open.

"What do you need to talk about?" I asked. The door opened and out came an old man on a strecher. There was blood all over him, and he looked like he had gotten hit with a bus. We stepped in a the eleveator pushed us upward.

"Look," Matt began. "I need you to be here with me. I don't think I can handle this any longer. I got a call from the doctors about and hour ago and they said that she wasn't going to make it. Julia, I love you and I mean it." Matt gave me a hug and the elevator door opened. We walked out and went to hallway 8 and located room 246. Matt stood there and looked at the doors numbers.

"She's in there" He said. I turned the lock with the key in it and opened the door. Matt grabbed my arm,

"It's ok... your gonna be fine." I said a tear rolling down my face. I did a huge gasp when I saw his mom. She was on a venilator definatly. She was hooked up to a huge breathing machine and there was an IV needle in her hand and she was also asleep. Matt looked at me not breathing and back at his mom. Matt bent down by her bed and started sobbing.

"Mom, I love you and I don't want you to die. You were my everything and will always be. You have helped me with so much, and I appreciate that. Whenever I said I hated you, I take it all back. Please don't leave me." I started crying and stood behind him, playing with his hair and giving him hugs. I started crying too.

"This is Julia, my girlfriend. She's sweet, nice and pretty. And I know that you would approve of her." I looked at his mom and smiled.

"Goodbye Mom, I love you" And with that, her breathing stopped and she was officially gone. Matt fell into my arms and cryed his eyes out. Now I know I have to do my part, I have to a true person to him and I have to calm him down. I took him out of the room and we walked to the waiting room. I saw Tiffany walking in the hospital doors. What was she doing here?

"Hello, Julia" She said swinging her Chanel purse. "What are you doing here? Comforting Matt as usual?" and she walked away laughing. I ran up behind her and grabbed her arm. I looked her in the eyes.

"Matt's mother just died. That is why I'm comforting him. I bet that if something happened to Kaydens family you wouldn't do anything to help him. You would break up with him and go find somebody else with a better more put together family. Because you know what Tiffany? That's all you care about, is everything being perfect. You don't care about anyone else but you. Matt, I care about him unlike you who demands that Kayden buys you a Chanel purse or you will dump him. That's is not a good girlfriend, and if I was Kayden, I would dump your ass in a heartbeat.  Now you can either apologize like a human being or you can go walk your prissy little bitch self out of here and go home. Your choice." When I finished I noticed that Marcy and Harry arrived, and they saw the whole thing along with Matt. Tiffany had a facial expression that looked like she was just punched in the face. I turned back to look at Marcy nad the rest of them and they all mouthed 'Wow'.

"Whatever Julia, you win this time." She sputtered. "But don't think you will get away that easy. You will have the biggest shock in your life sooner or la-"

"GO HOME!!!!!!" Matt, Marcy and Harry yelled. Tiffany scoffed and started running back towards the door.

"Oh, Tiffany?" I called back.

"What?" She asked smiling.

"That big thing will be huge. Just like your ass at prom." Tiffany walked out of the door and started to cry. Hey, she totally deserved it. Matt had calmed down and we walked back to the car holding hands.

"Thanks for sticking up for me." he said smiling.

"No problem." I smiled back. I pecked him on the cheek and we headed home.


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