Being With You Is The Best


1. The Last Day of School

My teacher is insanely stupid. Like forreal. She sits there acting like a dumb bitch explaining about 'staying safe during the summer' and some shit. I could care less. All I'm looking forward to this summer is finding the perfect guy. One that would like me for who I am and not because of my looks. I hate guys like that. I mean, I would love it if a guy called me beautiful, but I would like a guy who would accept me for my personality. My name is Julia, and I am 16. This is a typical day at Rosewood School in Los Angeles, the teacher discussing something totally ridiculous, me daydreaming about this summers plans, and Marcy fangirling over One Direction shirtless. Marcy is my best friend, and we have known eachother for 14 years. She has curly blackish-brown hair, pure brown eyes, and caramel colored skin.

"Julia!" Marcy said poking me on the arm furiously, "It's Harry and that skank Taylor Swift kissing!" She handed me her iPhone and examined the picture. I smirked and gave it back to her.

"That bitch..." I said muttering. Marcy let out a little snicker and turned back to scrolling through Harry Styles's news feed on Twitter. I think Marcy needs to marry that boy or she will end up in a mental hospital.

"Hey, Matt is staring at your ass." Marcy said looking over her shoulder. "Hey! Quit looking at her like that, she doesnt like you!" Marcy yelled. Matt blushed and slumped down in his seat.

"Marcy, don't you think you were a little harsh?" I said.

"Well, he was looking at your butt. He's a pervert, and why are you sticking up to him?" Marcy said, astonished. I was wearing a pair of white booty shorts, a blue lace tank top, and my favorite black and blue Jordans. So, my butt was practically hanging out of my shorts.

"I don't know, he seems nice. I mean, I am his friend and-"

"Your what?! His friend? Julia, you can do soooo much better than that! Why dont you go out with Gaven again? You guys were so cute!"

"Your kidding, right? Gaven is a douche, no way would I ever make that mistake again." I said looking down at the bruise on my ankle. Marcy caused that, by throwing a rock at me.

"Jeez, just trying to steer you in the right direction." Marcy said turning her head towards Gaven giving him that 'No, she doesn't want to go out with you again' look. I turned to see Matt tapping his pencil on the desk, he looked up at me and smiled. I couldn't help but smile back.

"Ok class!" Mrs. Foss said clapping her hands which made everyone jump. "I hope you all have a good summer and stay safe! No drugs! I dont want to come to your funerals this summer, I would like to be at the beach in Miami instead." The class laughed and the bell rang. The class whooped and yelled and some guy threw toilet paper in the air. I grabbed my Roxy backpack and headed toward the door with Marcy.

"Julia, wait!" Matt said. Marcy nudged me, and I walked towards him.

"Julia!" Marcy said waving her car keys in the air. "Were gonna be late for the mall!"

"This will just take a second Marcy, and the mall can wait it's been there forever." I said. Matt chuckled and Marcy let out a groan and stomped out the door, her Converse hitting the floor.

"So, Matt what's up?" I said sweetly.

"Nothing much. Hey, what are you doing Saturday?" he said

"I don't know, don't really have plans for the weekends anymore." I said

"Well, do you maybe wanna hang out on Saturday? There is a dance at the church I go to. Wanna come?" He said. How could I resist?

"Sure, that sounds great!" I said

"Great! Pick you up at 7?"

"Yea, I'll be ready. Here's my number." I wrote down my number on a piece of paper and handed it to him, and our hands touched. We both looked up and smiled.

"So, I guess I will see you later then." He finally said

"Yea, I gotta get going or Marcy will kill me. There having this thing at the mall, so yea." I said.

"Ok, see you Saturday!" I smiled and walked out the door. Marcy was waiting for me by the teachers lounge.

"What did he ask you?" Marcy said, sounding irritated.

"He just asked me if I was free Saturday, and that if I wanted to go to a dance with him."

"So, what did you say?"

"I said yes."


"Well, how about we go on a double date? Me and Matt, and You and Harry?

"ME AND HARRY????!!!!!!"

"Yes, you and Harry. I have a friend that has a friend who is related to him. She can set you two up."

"Oh my crackers! You really mean that?"

"Of course! Your my best friend so I would definatly do that. Your welcome."

"Thank you!" Marcy yelled.

"So, wanna go to the mall now?"

"Yes, definatly! We have to go dress shopping."

"Leggo." I said heading towards the door. We walked to the parking lot and got into the red convertible. I sent a quick text to Matt saying that Marcy and Harry were coming with us too. Marcy started the car and rolled out of the parking lot.  I think that this summer, I'm finally going to score that special guy.


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