Being With You Is The Best


2. Dress Shopping

When we arrived at the mall there were giant banners from Macy's lining the parking lot.

"Look Marcy! The dresses are on sale at Macy's!" I cried pointing towards the signs.

"Sweet." Marcy said playing on her phone. We walked towards the entrance and pushed open the glass doors. When we walked in, the sweet aroma of Starbucks filled the air. We passed by a bathing suit shop that held cute bikinis. When we reached Macy's, Marcy asked me,

"Julia, how much money you got?"

"I have 100, how about you?"


"Great, we have to stay in our budget today, we will not steal again like we did last time."

"Damn it." Marcy said. A tall skinny lady approached us with a nametag that read Rebecca on it.

"Hello, I'm Rebecca, what can I help you with today?" she asked sweetly.

"Hi I'm Julia, and this is Marcy." I said, "And we are looking for dresses. Do you have any that are real flashy?"

"Why yes actually we do! We have a bunch left over from Prom, that was our busiest time ever!" she smiled and escourted us to a room filled with racks of dresses and heels. They all looked gorgeous.

"Look at that one!" Marcy said pointing to a tourquoise sleeveless dress. "You should try that one on!" She took it off the rack and asked Rebecca for a size 4. She knows my size.

"Here you go." Said Rebecca, holding up the size 4 dress. She unlocked a changing room and lead me in. The room smelled like new shoes and fresh Guava. I locked the door and took the dress off the hanger, and hung it on the door. I slipped off my clothes and slid the dress on. It looked incredible on me.

"Do you want the matching heels?" Marcy yelled through the door.

"Yea." I yelled back. I wriggled around in the dress until she came back with the heels and pushed them under the door.

"Thank you!" I yelled. They matched the dress perfectly. They were 5 inches from the ground, great platform, had a rose on the toe part, and were pure tourquoise colored. I put my feet into them and stood up. For once in my life, I actually felt pretty. I walked out of the room and both me and Marcy made big O's with our mouths. Marcy was wearing a purple sleeveless dress similar to mine, with matching purple Gucci heels. She looked amazing.

"You girls look great!" Rebecca said clapping her hands.

"Thank you!" Marcy and I replied. Both of us went back into our changing rooms and put our clothes back on. We came out with the dresses and heels in our hands. We exchanged looks and nodded our heads.

"We'll take them." Marcy finally said.

"Great! Let's get you two to the front counter. We placed the dresses and heels on the conveour belt and watched them ring up.

"You think Harry will like this dress?" Marcy asked looking at the dress.

"Of course! And even if you don't score that date with Harry, we can set you up with one of Matt's friends." Marcy sighed and looked at my dress.

"Matt will be speechless when he see's you in that. You know he has a crush on you."

"Really?" I said, my eyes bright.

"Yes he does, he texted it to me while I was trying my dress on." You could tell I was blushing hard.

"Ok, the total will be $97.95" Rebecca said. Marcy and I handed her the money and she waved goodbye and walked out of the store with pink Macy's bags in our hands.

"We have to get to my house so you can call Harry." I said, sipping on my blue Slushee.

"Definatly!" Marcy said, slurping her red Slushee. "Will your dad let me stay the night?"

"He's out of town for a week, so is Meredith. But Gabe is there." Meredith is my dad's girlfriend, and she is completely obssesed with nail care. She owns a beauty salon and always smells of methanol.

"Ugh. Gabe."

"I know, but we will be fine, he will leave us alone." Gabe is my brother, same age, but I'm younger by 2 months. We walkled out of the mall and headed home, our car blasting 'Thrift Shop'. I thought about Matt all the way home. Maybe I'm crushing on him, maybe I'm not. Yes, yes I am. This summer I think he will be mine.

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