Being With You Is The Best


5. Date Night Part 2

Marcy and I were already in our dresses when the doorbell rang.

"Shit, there here!" Marcy squealed. "I'll get the door while you finish getting ready! Go!" I rushed to the bathroom and quickly pulled the two front strands of my hair to the back of my head and attached them with a cute silver clip.

"Matt, you look fine!" Marcy said. I peeked through the doors and found him standing there in a black tux and a red rose in his hand. Damn, he looks hot.

"Julia! Getcha ass in here pronto!" Marcy yelled.

"Coming!" I walked out there and there was Matt.

"Wow! You look beautiful in that dress!" Matt said handing me the rose.

"Thank you Matt!" I gave him a hug and he smelled like Axe. Now that's hot.

"Where is Harry? He said he would be here at 7, it's 7:10." Marcy said.

"Calm down, Marcy. Maybe he hit traffic. Chill" I said. "Anyways, Matt. You look amazing in that tux. Forreal."

"Thanks." He said, blushing. The doorbell rang and Marcy rushed passed me and pushed me on the couch. Marcy straightened her dress and opened the door. Matt helped me up. What a gentlemen.

"Hello, I'm Maricela, but you can call me Marcy. Come in."

"Hi, I'm Harry. I'm here to take you to a dance. I love that dress on you."

"Thank you." Marcy curtsyed. "This is Julia and Matt" Harry shook our hands and walked inside.

"So um, I think we should get going." Marcy said. Marcy and I grabbed our purses and walked out the door towards the ble and black convertible.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 20 minutes later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


We pulled into a giant parking lot filled with cars and a hot pink limo.

"I think we all know who's in there ." Marcy said pointing to the limo.

"Tiffany Hogan." And just as we said that, Tiffany waltzed out of her limo in a pink fluffy dress and pink Gucci heels, linking arms with her boyfriend Kayden Billings. Kayden was the hottest guy on campus. Everyone wanted to date him, just because of his hair.

"OMG! Your here with Matt Biagiotti?!" Tiffany yelled. "That is so pathetic!"

"Shut up Tiffany! You and yo baldheaded ass self! Leave that girl alone!"

"Marcy it's fine. Let's just go in."

"Julia are you alri-"

"I'm fine, let's go." I took Matt's hand and we walked in. I was not in the mood to put up with Tiffany's shit right now. I wanted this night to be perfect, not ruined by some prissy ass whore. She is a Bitch, a pure Bitch. Sorry for my cussing, I was just upset.

Matt and I grabbed eachothers hands and started dancing to some slow music, while Harry and Marcy were in the other room grinding on eachother. That's Marcy right there.

"So what happened back there?" Matt asked.

"Tiffany. She's a bitch. She makes everyone feel bad just because she doesn't like them. That's retarded isn't it?"

"Of course, I so agree with you. Why would she make fun of you though? Your beautiful and you don't deserve to be treated that way." Awwwww, he was so sweet. This is my chance. If your reading this and it's making you fall in love with him, back off, he's mine.

"Thank you Matt that means a lot"

"Anytime. If you need anything I am here for you, no matter what." I looked up at him reached up, and pecked him on the lips. Matt looked back down at me smiled than pressed his lips against mine. It was amazing. When we released, we saw that Marcy and Harry were hitting it off, they were making out behind the curtain. We both laughed then Matt popped my favorite question.

"Will you go out with me?" He asked.

"Yes I will" We got closer together and put our foreheads together, laughed and kissed again. I swear it was the most fun night ever.

"I love you." Matt said giving me a hug. I layed my head on his shoulders.

"I love you too Matt, I love you too."

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