Being With You Is The Best


3. Calling Harry

"Hi Gabe." I said unlocking the door.

"Hi Julia and Marcy." Gabe said. He was sitting on the couch with a bag of potato chips in one hand and the remote in another. He's so lazy.

"Watcha doing?" Marcy asked.

"Watching Jersey Shore. What's in the bags?"

"Dresses and heels"

"Got dates tonight?

"Not tonight, but tomorrow."

"With who?"

"Matt and Harry."

"Who has who?"

"I have Matt and Marcy has Harry."

"Harry Styles?"

"Yes." Marcy inturrupted

"Hah! Yea right! That kid is probably in the middle of a huge tour, no way would he drop everything and go out with you!"

"STFU Gabe!" Marcy said.

"And Julia, your gonna be going out with Matt Biagiotti? He has a crush on you ya know."

"Told you!" Marcy said proving her point.

"Ugh. Well we have to go up to my room and plan our dates." I said

"Aren't your dates already planned?" Gabe asked

"Yes, but your not a girl, you wouldn't understand." And with that, we ran upstairs and slammed the door.

"Marcy, don't let him get to you. He does that to me all the time."

"Ya, I know. He's a dick. Do you have Harry's number?"

"Here." I said handing her my phone.



"And what does that stand for?"

"Nothing." I said smiling

"Yes it does, it has something to do with Matt? Doesn't it?"

"No! Just dial his number already!"

"Ok, Ok." Marcy dialed the number and it rang and rang until someone with a British accent answered.

"Hello?" The voice asked.

"Hi, Um. It's Marcy. Is this Harry Styles?"

"It depends."

"On what?" Marcy said winking at me.

"Why asking."

"Well, I really need a date for Saturday at 7. And I live in Los Angeles, California. If you are Harry Styles, will you be my date?"

"You sound sweet and convincing. Yes I am Harry Styles and I will be your date on Saturday at 7." Harry said.

"Oh my God! Thank you! I guess I will see you Saturday! I will text you my adress!"

"Great! Bye, love"

"Bye!" Marcy hung up and looked at me.

"AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!" Marcy said screaming. "Oh my God, Oh my God!! I have a date with Harry Styles!!!!"

"Congraulations Marcy!" I said giving her a hug. I think she died a little inside.



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