Violet is anorexic. But she refuses to believe it. She spends most nights caring for her delusional mother and crying over her body. If only she was different. If only she could be like them. But with the help of Logan, the boy she's been texting and emailing for the past year, can she get over her illness and accept her beauty? Maybe even find love?


4. Thunderstorm

A few weeks later, I wake up; the sunlight pouring through my window. I rub my eyes and yawn; I was still exhausted. I trudge out of bed and pull on a pair of leggings and  huge jumper that hides my fat. I cringe at my reflection  before bringing my dark hair into a high ponytail. I smudge on a little makeup; not that it will make any difference. My large brown eyes stare back at me, dark bags underneath them. I slip on my shoes and creep across the hall. I poke my head in my mum's room and give a breath of relief as she's still fast asleep. I close the door gently and grab my phone, keys and a bit of the little money that I earn from working at the shop on the corner of my street. As I'm walking along the street, I look up at the sky. It was dreary and looked like it was going to tip it down any moment. I hurry along and reach the shop that I work at. I enter and the manager, Hope, gives me a warm smile. Her concerned eyes wash over me as I step behind the counter. I smile back and remain wordless as I begin to take items from an elderly lady. 
"Hey, Violet. How are you?" Hope asks once the shop is empty. She was a pretty young women, with platinum blonde hair and shining deep blue eyes.
"Good," I reply, tapping my nails on the counter.
"You don't look it." She comments and I sigh.
"I haven't slept properly for a few nights, nothing serious though. I have to sleep sometime," I mumble. She gives me a sad look before disappearing into the back. I liked Hope, she didn't ask too many questions.
"Can you put these on aisle four?" Hope reappears with a crate full of tins of beans. I take them from her and leave her to serve a man. I head to aisle four and I sit on the floor. I place the crate beside me and begin to stock them. I stand up as the shelves get higher. I'm on the top shelf and I only have three cans left. I stand on my tip toes and try to place it at the top. I can't reach; I was barely five foot one. I put my hands on my hips and frown up at the shelf. I place my feet on the bottom shelf and carefully try to balance. However, being the uncoordinated type, I promptly end up on my bum. I groan in pain as the sharp stinging sensation shoots up my spine.
"Damn," I curse as I watching the cans fall to the floor and roll around. Hope shoots me a look from behind the counter but I shrug and begin to pick them up. I see a hand from the corner of my eye and feel the presence  of someone beside me. I look up to meet the green eyes of a boy around my age. 
Wow, he looked like he belonged on the front of a magazine. His blonde hair was spread out across his head; messy but in all the right places. He offers me a small smile before standing up and placing the three cans on the top shelf with ease.
"Thank you," I manage, still in awe of his beauty.
"Anytime," he smiles again, dimples igniting on both of his cheeks. 
"Do you need help carrying that back?" He nods at the crate on the floor and I bite my lip. He sounded different; American maybe.
"That would be so nice." I reply, smiling slightly as he picked up the crate.
"Where to?" He asks and I motion for him to follow me.
"Right here," I point to the floor in the corner of the store room at the back of the shop. I switch on the single lightbulb and watch as he bends down and swiftly places it on the floor. He stands up and at that moment a crack of thunder sounds and the light goes out. I fumble around in the darkness until I reach the front of the shop again. It was empty, apart from me and the green eyed boy.
"Hope?" I call out. I make my way to the counter where I can see more in the dim light from outside. Another clap of thunder sounds and a flash of lightning too. 
"Hope?" I repeat, but no answer. I spot a note taped to the till.

"Violet, gone to pick up a delivery from across town. Won't be back for two hours. Hope X" 

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