Violet is anorexic. But she refuses to believe it. She spends most nights caring for her delusional mother and crying over her body. If only she was different. If only she could be like them. But with the help of Logan, the boy she's been texting and emailing for the past year, can she get over her illness and accept her beauty? Maybe even find love?


5. Red Box


"Looks like were stuck here for a while," I reply, fumbling my way back towards the back room. The boy looks up at me from the floor and he stands up.
"Is there no one else here?" He asks. I can see the question in his face through the dim light coming through the small window above us.
"Yep," I reply, trailing back in to the shop.
"Where's the mains?" He asks, following me towards the till. I chew on my lip and think for a moment. Then it clicks. I remember when we had a power cut before and Hope showed me this huge red metal box at the back of the shop.
"I think..." I begin to walk towards the back where the door to the cleaning supplies is. Pushing it open, I squint in the darkness.
"Here." I finnish, motioning at the box on the wall. He walks past me, his earthy scent filling my nose. I watch as his long fingers pull open the door to the box and he peers inside.
"You know what you're doing?" I ask sceptically. 
"My Granddad was an Electrian," He explains. I nod and mumble 'right' before collapsing onto the floor.
"So you work here then?" He asks.
"Why does it matter to you?" I snap, causing him to flinch.
"I was just trying to make conversation," He says causing guilt to pang through me.
"Sorry," I say with a sigh, running my hands over my face.
"I haven't slepty lately I'm just really snappy." I admit. Why was I telling him this? He didn't care.
"Why haven't you been sleeping?" He asks, concern in his voice. I frown at the sound, why did he sound concerend?
"Stuff, my life's not exactly perfect." I say carefully, afraid of how he'll react.
"Neither's mine." He replies, the lights flickering on.
"You did it!" I exclaim in wonder; my eyes adjusting to the brightness. 
"Thank you so much," I give a sigh of relief and he closes the box with a sad smile.
"Don't worry about the whole snapping thing, I understand." He says gently.
"You do?" I raise an eyebrow, pulling my jumper down further over my hands.
"Yeah, my life isn't perfect either, don't worry." He gives me a sad smile, holding my gaze for several long moments. 

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