Kingdom Destiny

A kingdom frozen in time.
"Are you strong enough?"
A princess raised in our world.
"Are you weak enough?"
A guardian fighting strife.
"For both you must be to survive."
In the Kingdom of Kessho, Kingdom of Diamonds.
"Destiny awaits..."


7. CHAPTER 7: Welcome Home



     Diamonds, glittering and forever shimmering off light reflected around them. Walls scale impossibly up, sparkling their bright hues of white and deep blue, hints of black occasionally found glistening within the walls. A beautiful woman strides through the hallway, her head up high, letting her golden hair flow freely to her waist.

     One month, one whole month since the ice has begun to thaw. And where is Toshiro? He is supposed to have been here already. Perhaps he changed his mind, and decided to stay in the other world. But he is loyal; he would never abandon his own people. Well, technically not his people, so perhaps he felt no remorse in leaving. No! I must have more trust in him, yes, more trust. Oh I wonder how he is, 16 years have passed for him...And my darling, Mitsuki. 16 years of life...without me. I never saw her first steps, or her first words, or helped her grow into a woman… Megumi brushed away stray tears and blinked away the rest. I must not start now, I am a queen, and the entire kingdom must not see me as weak. No, I shall wait until the privacy of my own chambers. At least there I may weep without repercussions.  

     She continued down the hallway and entered the grand staircase overlooking the great ballroom below, now vacant. She sighs, tapping the rail as she makes her way down. Her footsteps echo throughout the palace, her hand twisting up a lock of her hair. A nervous habit.

     “Your Highness!” A soldier wearing the same uniform as Toshiro wears, only instead of a blue moon pendant, a sword pendant hung from the collar of his white crystalline overlapping jacket. “Your Highness! They arrived! Toshiro is back!”

     “What?” She spun around so quickly; she nearly tripped over her own high-heeled shoes. “Curse these infernal things!” Kicking off her shoes, she runs up the stairs, into her chambers, and down the staircase leading to the portal entrance. There, laughing and reuniting with a friend, was Toshiro. Megumi was shocked, instead of seeing one 33-year-old guardian with her 16-year-old daughter, she saw four teenagers. Four! Not what was planned at all, and Toshiro didn’t look a day older than when he had first left!

     “Toshiro, what is the meaning of all this?” She felt a slight anger bubble inside her, what was going on?

     “O-Oh, Megumi, Uhm, it has been awhile…” He chuckles nervously and rubs the back of his neck in anxiousness, his fellow comrades snicker at the predicament he was in.

     “Yes, in fact, a whole month has gone by if I am correct. Who are all these people? Why did you not age?” Her accusing tone sharp and bitter.

     “Well, Uhm, you see… I did not go in the portal along with Mitsuki, I uh, got frozen before I could…” He flinched at his own words; he failed as a guardian… again.

     Megumi’s eyes widened, she struggled to make sense of the situation. My darling child, sent into a different world? Alone? H-How could he? He was to protect her, oh my… She opened her mouth, about to spit all her fury and disdain at Toshiro before she was interrupted.

     “Please don’t be mad at him, he couldn’t help it.” Mitsuki stepped forward to defend Toshiro. “He may not have been there most of the time, but once he was he helped me a lot.” She clenches her own hands in fear she probably broke a law or two about speaking to royalty or something of the sort. But Megumi didn’t reprimand her, she instead gently put her hand on her cheek, and tears threatened to spill over as she slowly recognized her own daughter.

     “Mitsuki? My baby?” She smiled, struggling to hold her tears at the sight of her grown child, whom to her memory, was barely a year old last time she saw her. “You look just like your father, oh how I wish he could have seen this.”

     “You’re my...mother?” She had remembered Toshiro telling her that the very queen of the Kingdom of Kessho is her mother. But it never dawned on her that this blue-eyed blonde beauty would be her mom.

     “Uhm, that’s great and all but, how do we go back??” Yoh spoke up from the back with a horrified expression on his face. “I mean the only reason I’m here is because of Misty!”

     “You fell in Yoh, I did not push you in the portal ok? It’s your own fault.”   Misty rolled her eyes and stared in wonder at the crystal diamond walls.

     Megumi raised a skeptical eyebrow and asked who exactly were they, for all she knew; they could be a form of enemy or who knows?

     “Oh, they are our friends Megumi, they accidently came into the portal I made, thus, they are here.” Toshiro cleared his throat, glad to have been rid of Megumi’s fury, she could be quite the over reactor.

     “Well, I suppose they are all right then, come along then, we will find a niche here for each of you, a special job since you are here.” She continued to walk back up the stairs bringing everyone in tow.

     “Wait a moment!” Yoh frantically waved to get the queen’s attention, “You didn’t answer my question, how do I go back? I have a life back there ya know?”

     “You can not go back, the portal can only open once to go and once to come back, and only during a moment of utmost importance. Since Mitsuki has come back safe and sound and at her maturing age, the portal has closed and will not open until it is needed again. As unfortunate as it may seem for you, your life is here now.” Moving across the hallway away from her chambers, Megumi moves down towards the grand staircase.

     “I-I can’t go back?” Yoh stopped dead in his tracks, absorbing that piece of information and letting it sink in. “But my family…”

     “Oh cheer up Yoh! It’s an adventure! Something new and exciting! Something unprecedented and unseen!” Misty twirled in excitement and pulled Yoh along to catch up with the others. “And look how happy Mitsuki is! She has finally found where she belongs, oh it’s so amazing!”

     At the top of the grand staircase, overlooking the ballroom, now filled with the staff of the palace anxious to meet the princess, Megumi smiled and presented Mitsuki.

     “Your princess Mitsuki! And future queen!” A roar of applause and cheering filled the entire palace. Mitsuki held on tightly to the railing and let the cries of her people fill her with joy. She looks over at Toshiro, who smiles grandly and whose eyes laugh with delight. He tilts over closer to her and whispers just loud enough for her to hear over the noise.

     “Welcome home.” 

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