Kingdom Destiny

A kingdom frozen in time.
"Are you strong enough?"
A princess raised in our world.
"Are you weak enough?"
A guardian fighting strife.
"For both you must be to survive."
In the Kingdom of Kessho, Kingdom of Diamonds.
"Destiny awaits..."


6. CHAPTER 6: Time to go




     I have fought in countless battles, Toshiro scribbles notes sitting in a standard classroom, quiet except for the teacher’s voice explaining equations. I have been through many risky life and death situations and have had to figure them out to survive. He shakes his head and sighs, his expression in complete perplexment. I have also been tutored in all I would need to know for my life as a guardian. So why, The bell signaling the end of class rings and Toshiro scrambles to pack his study materials back into his backpack. Why do I struggle so?  

     He walks briskly through the throngs of humanity towards the open air of the courtyard.  He closes his eyes and breathes deep, trying to block out any sound. But the titers of flirty schoolgirls, the forced jokes of the boys, the constant gossip of who’s dating whom, it was just too much. The noise, it won’t stop, it encroaches around me, threatening to choke me! I feel as if I can’t breathe, he starts to imagine himself running as fast as he can, far away as possible from this bizarre world. He felt such a longing to get home, somewhere familiar.    

      “Hey there,” A soft girls voice interrupted his thoughts, he opened his eyes and a tall young lady stood before him. She flipped her black hair away from her face to reveal her dark brown eyes. “Are you ok? You seem really troubled.”

      “U-Uhm, yes, a slight bit.” He sighed and glanced around to see if he could find Yoh, or even better, Mitsuki and Misty. No sign of either one.

      “My name is Sara by the way, I’m in your Algebra 2 class. I sit behind you.” She twirls a piece of her dark hair and smiles sweetly. “You're looking for that girl aren't you? Mitsuki?”

      “Yes, would you have any idea of where she might be?”

      “Oh, I wouldn't bother, that girls a waste of time. All she does is hang around Yoh, I even caught them kissing behind that building earlier today. I wouldn’t be friends with her. Hey, what’s so funny?”

      “You are an awful liar, that is why.” He cleared his throat and forced himself to stop laughing. “You expect me to believe that Mitsuki, is in love with Yoh? And that she had kissed him?” He burst out in chuckles just at the absurd thought.

     “You never know! Maybe she’s not the person you thought she was!” Sara huffed and stared at him with slight irritation.

     “Mitsuki would never do that Sara, she is much too kind, sweet, shy, and loving for that. Opposed to some people, she actually cares for others.” He raised an eyebrow at Sara, and grinned at the angry red flush creeping up her neck. “Perhaps, you should get to know her better before you throw around rumors of her.”

     “What is she to you?! All you do is defend her; she's the weakest little whelp I’ve ever met! A guy like you shouldn't be around her!” Sara stamps her foot on the well-paved grass, and hurriedly fixes her hair.

     Toshiro frowns at her words and sighs. He just turns around and walks away, thinking chemistry must be more enriching than talking to this girl.

     “Whatever, I don't care. Although you could’ve chosen a much better girl than that weakling!”

     Toshiro doesn't stop walking but answers her criticism,

     “You should learn to contain your jealousy miss Sara, or else you may find yourself alone.”


     One more class, than I can finally go home! Yoh squirmed incessantly in his plastic blue chair while the wall clock ticked ever so slowly. C'mon, move a little faster. I have a tight schedule to keep! Yoh shook his head and chastised himself for making a shoddy last-minute plan to the movies with everyone. Plans should always, at the least, be made 24-hours in advance for it fully work. Plan B’s should made in the following hour, and I might as well go in a hole and die since I didn't make one!  I'm such a failure! Yoh was quite troubled.

     In the desk to Yoh’s left, right next to a sizable window overlooking the entire courtyard, sat Toshiro. He stared out into the emptiness and silence, knowing that in only 30 minutes time, it would become an impossible maze that never ceases to make noise, as students start going home. He tugs at the high collar of his green and white school uniform when he catches Mitsuki walking to the right of the courtyard.

     She carries a box that seems excessive in weight, considering that she showed great difficulty carrying it with both arms. Must be a quick errand for a teacher, although you might have wanted to send more than one person to help.  Finishing that thought, Toshiro notices someone rushing up to Mitsuki and helping her out. How contradictory! Sara helping Mitsuki? He tilts his head in contemplation, wondering where this transformation came from. Perhaps she truly took my advice, and realized that being resentful would do her no good.  

     He let himself believe this fantasy for all but a moment. He knew that that short-lived hope was almost worthless. From his experience, no being had ever taken guidance and changed his whole mindset in such a short amount of time. It would take years at the least, and more often than not, they ignored the fact that they should shift their thinking.  

     Following their direction, Mitsuki and Sara had trudged over to a small alley between buildings, knowing what would ultimately happen and overcome with urgency, Toshiro rose from his desk and began to walk towards the door of the classroom.

     “Exactly where do you think your going?” Mr. Shiley interrupted his train of thought and his path to Mitsuki. “You very well know that you cannot leave at anytime in my class. Unless you are here for every minute of class, chemistry can get very confusing. So I advise you to sit back dow-.”

     “Does it seem that I care?” Toshiro turns around and looks at Mr. Shiley straight in the eye. His own carry a glint of bloodthirstiness. “I know what regulations are to be followed in this course, do you truly think I would violate any of them if it was not of utmost importance?”

     The chemistry teacher recoiled inwardly, surprised at the extremity of his hostility. The whole class sat shock-still, they could not believe that “Mr. Perfect”, as they had accustomed to calling Toshiro, had just silenced one of the most feared teachers in the school with a mere glare.  Toshiro turned back around and continued out the door, down the hallway and towards the courtyard. This time, Mr. Shiley did not intervene.


     “Um, thanks for helping me Sara. This box really is heavy” Mitsuki trudged along carrying one end of the bulging cardboard box while Sara the other.

     “No biggie, it’s just an excuse for me.” Finishing those words she let go of her end of the box, sending it crashing down on Mitsuki’s feet. She let out a short yelp of pain before Sara covered her mouth. “You are so useless! So in the way! Whenever I try to find some happiness you tear it away! You little helpless, weak, worthless excuse of a human being!”

     “No, no I’m not.” Mitsuki raised her head defiantly and looked at her square in the eyes. “I’m not what you say I am.” Sara shuddered at her sudden courage, she had never seen her fight back before. Why isn’t she reacting like usual? Like a whipped puppy? Fine then! She would teach this idiot how to keep quiet again. Sara raised her hand, palm facing Mitsuki, and brung it down with all her anger, rejection and resentment in one. But her hand never reached Mitsuki’s face.

     “That was close, if you had hit her, your punishment would have been quite severe.” Toshiro glares right at Sara, his fury so prominent, it feels tangible, like a heavy cloak threatening to smother your life away. His hand clutches her airborne wrist, his veins popping out throughout his entire arm with the tension.

     Sara opens her mouth but no sound comes forth, so scared of what may happen if she does. “B-but,” She swallows and reminds herself that of course he can't actually hurt her. “But why!?” She wrenches her wrist away stands stubbornly in front of Toshiro “Why must you always protect her!?”

     Toshiro takes one step towards her, placing his face right next to hers, his lips barely touching her ear.

     “She is my princess, I am her guardian. Harm her once more, and I will not hesitate to harm you.” He backs away and turns from the wide-eyed black haired girl. She makes no time in running down back out to the courtyard.

     “Toshiro?” Mitsuki looks at him quizzically, never having seen him so hostile, so furious. “Are you ok?”  She takes his hand as he helps her up, his expression only softening the slightest bit.

     “I have been here for far too much time, I want to go home.” He turns his face away, knowing he probably sounded increasingly selfish.

     “You're right, you've been here for over a month, longer than expected. You must be feeling home-sick.” She smiles and lays a hand on his shoulder. He lays his own hand on top of hers and sighs a sigh heavy with anxiety and concern. But he straightens up almost immediately; he starts to walk out to the courtyard, Mitsuki in tow.

     “Come Mitsuki. It is time to go.”


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