Kingdom Destiny

A kingdom frozen in time.
"Are you strong enough?"
A princess raised in our world.
"Are you weak enough?"
A guardian fighting strife.
"For both you must be to survive."
In the Kingdom of Kessho, Kingdom of Diamonds.
"Destiny awaits..."


5. CHAPTER 5: Proposal



     Silence. No one spoke for what seemed like hours, when in fact, it was just a minute. Toshiro straightened up and looked around at them in confusion.

     “Is what I say difficult to comprehend?”  Yoh snapped out of his daze and spoke first.

     “Ok freak!” He stalked over to Toshiro stepped right in between Mitsuki and him. “I don’t know who you are or why you’re here, but this is not funny!”  Toshiro simply squinted his eyes studied Yoh for a moment, cataloguing whether or not he was an enemy. Deciding that he wasn’t, he took a breath to calm himself and answered.

     “I have already told you who I am and what I have come for. Did you not hear?”

     “No I didn’t, of course I have!” Yoh threw his hands up in exasperation and sighed. “You need to get out of here, like now, at this moment in time and never come back. Got it?”

     “Hmm…I would rather not, I have unfinished business. You see, I have to take back Mitsuki to her rightful place as princess of Kessho.”  Mitsuki had taken a few steps back behind Yoh as if he was a barrier between her and this stranger who talks so formally and of strange things, she was quite perplexed and scared. Misty, on the other hand, was watching everything with a fascinated expression, as if believing every word that came from Toshiro’s mouth.

     “Oh no” Yoh chuckled and took a deep breath. He glared at him with eyes darkened with unbelief and anger. “Not in a million years will you take Mitsuki from m- I mean us. I wont let a complete stranger just kidnap her because he believes in some stupid fanciful fairytales!”   He almost shouted the last part and his face red from anger and frustration. Toshiro, instead, had an understanding almost sad look upon his face. He looked straight in Yoh’s eyes and let out a sigh.

     “Thank you.” He smiled slightly with a nod of his head.  Yoh could not have been more confused.

     “Huh? Thank you? For what?”

     “For protecting her when I wasn’t here. For being here for her when I failed to do so…once again.” He reached out his hand and set it on Yoh’s shoulder. “And for that I thank you.”  Yoh shuddered and opened his mouth to snap back, but Misty stopped him with a wave of her hand.

     “Maybe Yoh, instead of yelling and accusing, we should listen. I really think this guys legit.” She smiled and motioned for Toshiro to sit himself down. He does and looks at Mitsuki, all the way at the other side of the room by now, and pleads with his eyes for her to come and talk with him.   

     “What the hell do you mean you think he’s legit?? Are you out of your mind??” Yoh spoke in stressed whispers, speaking through a clenched jaw.

     “Calm down now, I know when people are lying and he’s not, so why not listen?”

     “Oh right, ‘cause you’re a living lie detector, why don’t you fly off with him to his magical kingdom and live happily ever after?”

     “Uhm guys? “ Mitsuki tried call her friend’s attention but to no avail.            “Guys, really, s-stop fighting…” She let out a sigh and looked over at Toshiro and nervously eyed his sword. It was strapped to his waist and the hilt an onyx black. It was very thin yet very elegant with silver characters on the front. Toshiro’s hand rested on the handle, always ready to attack on a moments notice.

     “Uhm, c-could you take off your sword?” Toshiro tilted his head to look at her.

     “Whatever for? Oh, does it make you nervous? Here,” He unties his sword from his waist and handed it to her. “This way you will not have any worries about me.” He smiled warmly as he placed the sword in her hand.

     It’s heavy; Mitsuki traced her thumb over the smooth and cold black metal. Does he really fight with only this? It doesn’t seem enough…wait! What am I thinking! He can’t possibly be telling the truth!

     Toshiro stands up and clears his throat. Yoh and Misty look at him startled.

     “It seems apparent,” He started, “That you do not trust me.” He points at Yoh.

     “Well yeah, especially when you’re talking about stuff that doesn’t happen anymore.” He rolls his eyes in scorn.

     “Well, I still do have time before I have to return to Kessho…And it is quite obvious none of you are going to let me take her without your consent. So I suggest a proposal.”

     “Exactly what type of proposal? Like “I’ll give you a thousand bucks in exchange for letting me kidnap Mitsuki?” Yeah right, think straight man. I’m wondering why I haven’t called the police yet.”

      “Shut up! At least let him finish, geez Yoh.” Misty shoved him away and motioned with her hands for Toshiro to continue.

     “Ahem, as I was saying, perhaps all of you would trust me more if you knew me and where I came from.” He fiddles with his blue moon crystal badge on his coat and sighs. I cannot believe I am going to lose time because of this, but what other way is there? I must gain the trust of her friends if I am to get Mitsuki back to where she belongs. Well, At least Yoh’s trust, the other lady here seems to trust me already… “So how about I stay here with all of you? That way, you can learn about me, and I can learn about you. Especially Mitsuki, considering the last time I saw her she was a little under one year old.”

     Mitsuki, pops her head up with a shocked expression, He knew me? As

a baby? Does that mean he knows my real parents?  If he stays, maybe, just maybe, I might have a real family…If he’s telling the truth of course.

     “Yes!” Mitsuki’s outburst surprised everyone, since she had stayed quiet the whole time. She takes a deep breath and whatever scrap of courage she has and says the one sentence that changes her life forever,  “You can stay! As long as you tell me everything you might know about when you knew me, where I came from and about”



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