Kingdom Destiny

A kingdom frozen in time.
"Are you strong enough?"
A princess raised in our world.
"Are you weak enough?"
A guardian fighting strife.
"For both you must be to survive."
In the Kingdom of Kessho, Kingdom of Diamonds.
"Destiny awaits..."


4. CHAPTER 4: Encounter



     Ok, Yoh thought, not exactly according to plan, but, almost. He continued walking down a neighborhood street with a very depressed looking Mitsuki on his right with tearstains streaking her face. Misty was smiling and almost skipping along and humming Christmas songs. In the middle of August.

      "Misty!" Yoh stopped her in mid-hum "Stop with the Christmas songs! It's August, not to mention annoying!" Misty just smiled and kept skipping

     "You're so uptight Yoh, Not everything has to have a date and time, let loose and be happy every once and a while. Everyone should, right Mitsuki?" She grinned at Mitsuki and started to sing Sleigh Ride in her offbeat voice. Mitsuki smiled and laughed as she sang along, her voice carrying a melodic tranquil tune. Yoh sighed in exasperation, but let in a small smile when he saw just how much Mitsuki had cheered up.  Now all I have to do, He thought, is make sure she stays full of joy like this.          

     They arrived at the gateway of an apartment complex where the buildings are a cheerful light soft yellow and the windows have old-fashioned oak shutter windows. Mitsuki opened a light oak door with 48 written in gold on the front. She opened the door and gasped in surprise.

     "Oh my gosh," She turned around to face Yoh and Misty, "Did you guys do all this?"

     "Are you just going to stand there and gawk?" Misty pushed her along into the living of the modest living room, now all decorated with silver sparkly streamers and blue balloons scattered all over the house. Big cut out silver cardboard letters spelled out, 

                               HAPPY 16TH BIRTHDAY MITSUKI!

     Right in the middle was her kitchen table with an extravagant round multi-level marble cake coated with cream cheese frosting, and blue fondant roses adorned the cake.

     "Yoh got the decorations and the cake was made by yours truly" Both Misty and Yoh bowed and Misty got out a plastic tiara. "And as of right now, you're the princess of the day, so you can boss us around and not even Yoh can complain!" Misty placed the tiara on Mitsuki gently. 

     "Gosh, you guys are the best friends in the whole world!" She grabbed both of them and squeezed them both in a group hug. 

     "All right!" Yoh peeled himself away from the hug and fetched a cake slicer from the kitchenette. "Let's eat some cake!" He sliced a piece and handed it to Mitsuki. "Here you go princess." Mitsuki snorted in disbelief and grabbed the plate. 

     "If only that existed in real life." 

     "What? Cake?" Said Yoh, with his mouth full of cake and cream cheese frosting all over his mouth. Misty slapped him upside the head and handed him a napkin.

     "No you dummy, of course cake exists, and you’re eating one!" Misty rolls her eyes

     "No need for the slap, geez."

     "What I meant," Continued Mitsuki, "Is that I wished princesses were real, maybe I would be one." She shrugged her shoulders "But that isn't real anymore."

     "Well, forget that, today you are one." Yoh smiled lovingly at her his eyes warm and kind. At that moment, the doorbell rang and all three heads swiveled towards the door. Misty jumped up walked towards the door.

     "Wonder who that could be?" Mitsuki cleaned off her plate and followed Misty. She took a step backwards when Misty opened the door. There at the door is a boy, hands on his knees and panting as if he had run miles just to get here. He's dressed weirdly, Mitsuki thought, what's with all the crystals and that sword? Is it real? It sure looks like itHer eyes studied his face for any signs of malicious intent, but all she saw were his bright green eyes and blacker than black hair. He straightened up and looked at Misty, then Mitsuki.

     "Princess…" His deep velvety voice barely above a whisper. Before Mitsuki could ask who he was, he took a stride towards her took her hand. "Princess, how much you have grown." Mitsuki stood shock still as well as Misty and Yoh.

     "W-who are you?" Her hand trembled slightly in his. 

     "Of course, you do not remember me." He let go of Mitsuki's hand and bowed slightly, one hand over his heart. "I am Toshiro Moriya, and I am your royal guardian."





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