Kingdom Destiny

A kingdom frozen in time.
"Are you strong enough?"
A princess raised in our world.
"Are you weak enough?"
A guardian fighting strife.
"For both you must be to survive."
In the Kingdom of Kessho, Kingdom of Diamonds.
"Destiny awaits..."


3. CHAPTER 3: Mitsuki


     "Mitsuki!" A short slender girl with long dark red hair and light brown eyes bounds her way through the morning crowd at the Trinity Preparatory School.

     "Hey Misty!" A girl about a couple inches taller with short dark brown and midnight blue eyes, turns around to meet her ecstatic friend. Both are wearing Green school uniforms, complete with a plaid plaited skirt, a polo shirt with a white bow, and a light jacket "Why are you so hyper?" Referring to the fact that misty could not seem to stand still. 

     "Because you won't believe what happened!!" She bounced up and down with her hands clenched in excitement. 

     "Well what happened?"

     "You have to guess! Or else I would've already told you, c'mon you already know how this works!"

     "All right, umm…you learned a new recipe?" Misty shook her head                 "Then uhh, you finally made a soufflé! Or you won a cooking contest or um… Found a boyfriend?" Misty was now looking less excited with each guess, especially with the last one.

     "No, no and no! C'mon! Think girl!" She throws her hands up in exasperation.

     "Well if it doesn't have anything to do with food, then what?"

     "Well I never said it didn't have to with food. I found a cooking class I can join! I start tomorrow and then I'll see if I like it or not!" She squealed in excitement.

     "That’s great Misty! Wish I had a talent like yours."

     “You do have a talent Mitsuki! But," She twirled around and pointed at her dramatically, "You haven't found yours yet!" Both girls started to laugh at Misty's twirl. The school bell started to ring throughout the campus, warning every student there that they had less than five minutes to get to class. Mitsuki gathered her things and waved good-bye to Misty as they walked away in separate directions to class. 

     "Mitsuki!" Her math teacher called her attention "Would you please do yourself a favor and stop daydreaming! I have called your name over five times! Pay attention!"

     "Uh, sorry Mrs. Seteram." Mitsuki fumbled with her pencil and resumed writing her notes. Mrs. Seteram just sighed and called on some one else. 

     "Hey," A light brown haired boy poked her from behind in his desk. "Are you ok? You seem out of it." His voice showed sincere worry and his light brown eyes seemed like a sad puppy's. 

     "I’m all right Yoh, just bored a bit I guess. It is math after all" 

     "Ok, if you say so." He settled back into his desk and moved his light brown short hair out of his eyes. I’m worriedHe thought, if she were any sadder than this, I’d say she was depressed. Good thing I know she'll be cheered up when she gets home.

     He smiled to himself, and when the bell rang, he was too busy rushing out to meet with Misty to see trouble go up to Mitsuki in the form of two girls. She had just walked out of the classroom into the spacious green courtyard when a black haired vixen stopped her. 

     "Well hello orphan, how are your imaginary fairytales going?" She sneered tauntingly. Mitsuki did not reply, only hugged her books she was carrying closer to her chest. Another girl with brown blonde highlighted hair came up behind her.

     "Gosh Sara, you can't be that mean, she's not just an orphan, a girl without a loving family." She shoved her slightly to the side; "She is also a trouble child, why she has to be, being a foster kid I mean." Both girls giggled incessantly and shoved her books to the ground.

     Mitsuki bent down to pick up her books while they continued to insult her.

     "Weak! You'll never be anything of any worth to anyone!"

     "Such a helpless little girl, you'll be forever alone you know." Mitsuki just stands there, every insult seeming to cut right through her. Tears start to well up in her eyes.

     "Mitsuki!" Misty jammed herself between the girls and yanked her out. "What are you doing? Why are you just standing there?"

     "Ugh, helpless, her little heroes come and save her. C'mon Bea, Let's go." Both turn and start to walk away, matching backpacks and all. Yoh walks up and shakes his head at them. 

     "Are your lives so pathetic that you find nothing else to do but pick on her?" But his words were lost; they ignored him and continued on their way. "Are you all right Mitsuki? Why didn't you say anything back?"

     "Because..." Mitsuki shuddered a sigh. "It's true, everything they say. I am helpless, I am weak, I am forever alone. Why else would I be abandoned out in the middle of the sidewalk as a baby, and what's the reason my foster parents are never home? They leave me on my own for months without even one phone call! What do you make of that?" 

     At this point tears slide down her face, her hands clenched in tight fists and her face distorted in anger. "Sometimes I wish fairytales were true, and I could be a princess, have a prince who loves me, a mom and a dad, and not have a care in the world." 







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