Kingdom Destiny

A kingdom frozen in time.
"Are you strong enough?"
A princess raised in our world.
"Are you weak enough?"
A guardian fighting strife.
"For both you must be to survive."
In the Kingdom of Kessho, Kingdom of Diamonds.
"Destiny awaits..."


2. CHAPTER 2: The Princess


     Queen Megumi, wearing a most extravagant dress with layers cascading down her waist, in colors of light blue and white, crystals of dark blue color are scattered on the skirt. A light blue corset fits snugly over her chest down to her waist.  She walks into her chambers and interrupts Toshiro as he fits the dark blue crystallized baby dress on the princess.

     "Toshiro? Are you free to talk?" Toshiro stands up with the princess in his arms.

     "What is it you want to talk about Megumi? Is everything going well with the preparations?"

     "Yes yes, I just wanted to know if your ready, with the whole ceremony and all," She takes a deep breath, "We could be easily attacked and to tell you the truth I am a little worried."

     "I understand, do not worry Megumi, Toshiro smiles reassuringly. "I swear on my own life I will not let any harm come to the princess." Megumi smiles sadly and takes the princess from Toshiro´s arms.

     "Look at you, so mature and responsible and only seventeen. Sometimes I just want to let you live your own life, instead of always being on edge.”

     "It is my calling to be a guardian, do not feel bad." He bows before Megumi turns and strolls into the grand dining hall with the princess.


     It is seven o´clock in the morning and the christening ceremony for the princess has begun smoothly, after salutations given by the queen, the princess is being carried to the top of the grand stair case overlooking the dining hall. Guests from all four corners of the kingdom have come for the ceremony and are seated comfortably. 

     Here the walls are the same crystalline white, but with dark blue velvet tables and chairs strewn across the enormous oval shaped room. The grand staircase separates into two from the top and joins together before separating again all the way down to the floor. The steps are marble and the handrail is a soft dark blue. Megumi reaches out her hands and takes the princess, holding her dark blue felt blanket, in her arms. 

     "Today," Megumi started. "Is the day my daughter, your princess, gains her name. After much contemplation, I have decided on a name that embodies symbol of our kingdom, our home. And as tradition, I have stitched her name on a blanket the same color of her eyes; a bracelet with her name in gold inscribed on it will also be given to her. And so your future queen's name is Mi-"

      "Your Highness!!" A guard came running down the hall shoving the multitude aside. "Lucien! He sent an army! We are not prepared and hopelessly outnumbered so far!"

     "I knew it…" Megumi takes the princess and gives her to Toshiro. "Take her, and make sure she gets there safely, and go with her too."

     "Megumi? I am not sure I understand, we must get both of you in the secret chambers under the castle."

     "No Toshiro, this is grave, this is high alert. I am going to freeze the whole kingdom." Toshiro´s eyes grew wide "Go now, there is not much time." He took off running with the princess clutched tight in his arms. Stumbling into the queen´s chambers and swinging open her closet, he pushed aside her clothes and found the hidden door on the back wall.

     He takes off the emblem on his coat and fits it into the moon shaped keyhole and bursts through into the other room. The walls of the room are white and tall. On the other side of the room lies a cylindrical transparent-like bubble with a small opening on the side. He hurries to it and lays the princess inside; he then shuts the opening with swoop of his hand. He then turns the bubble so that the princess is facing the wall.

     "Toshi…ro." The princess turned over to look and placed her small hand against the bubble.

     "Do not worry, you will be safe. I swear it." He smiles and, without touching the bubble, spins it around at a fantastic speed until it slows down and stops, the princess no longer in it, sent to another world.

     While that happened, the queen upstairs had set off a spell. One that froze time in the entire kingdom...literally. She was frozen first, and from her, what seemed like ice raced to all corners of the kingdom. Everything it touched was frozen in time; every enemy soldier of Lucien was disintegrated when touched by the ice. Unfortunately it went too fast, and Toshiro, just before going in the portal-bubble, was frozen as well. And so the princess is sent off to a different world, our world, alone.


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