Kingdom Destiny

A kingdom frozen in time.
"Are you strong enough?"
A princess raised in our world.
"Are you weak enough?"
A guardian fighting strife.
"For both you must be to survive."
In the Kingdom of Kessho, Kingdom of Diamonds.
"Destiny awaits..."


11. CHAPTER 11: Strength and Weakness

     “That makes no sense. Why would they retreat?” Yoh shakes his head, looking at the battle plans laid out on the map in front of him. “Their losses were not of a large consequence, and the battle was only an hour underway.” He furrowed his eyebrows in perplexment, such a strong and advanced army like that of Terrian’s should not have had too much concern. Why, they have begun to develop armor much like ours and hidden tactics as so to randomly whip out a concealed weapon and kill almost silently. We Kessho, may have better armor and highly skilled in the sword, but Terrian has greater numbers and ingenious weapons.

     Lucien did not waste the extra 16 years he had to advance…

     Yoh sighed and rubbed his temples in anxiety. How he missed home, even though here he had prestige because of his quick mind and organizational skills, he missed his mama. Closing his eyes, he could conjure up memories of her cooking and even remembered her scolding fondly. His father had been away on a business trip all the way to Italy. He would’ve had to hear of his son’s disappearance far from home. He wondered how it went after they left so suddenly. Were they feared dead? Was Toshiro a possible suspect but also inexplicably gone? He could almost hear his mother’s cries for him to come back from where ever he was.

     “You look dead, so I brought you this.” Misty plops a bar of homemade chocolate next to him on the table. It’s his favorite kind, Milk chocolate marbleized with white. A wonderful concoction Misty herself made just for Yoh on a similar situation to this. Final Exams. He takes the block of pure goodness and bites into it, savoring the way it melts onto his tongue almost immediately. “So what’s up? Still stressing over that other kingdom? Just relax for a bit, and pull yourself together.”

     She pushes his shoulders up straight, forcing his back to crack in multiple places. He felt his muscles tense up and instantly relax as his spine clicked back into place.  He turns towards her to say thank you, but a thought comes into mind. While he himself worried and basically grieved over his family, Misty showed no remorse over leaving her family. Why?

     “Misty, don’t you miss your family?” He waits while noticing that her smile tightened, and shoulders hunched up slightly. But that was only for a second before she relaxed.

     “Well aren’t you curious.” And with an almost menacing glare, she strides out, seemingly unaffected. But Yoh, having a careful eye, noticed that her hands kept clenched, and sat slightly shocked. He, in the 7 years he’s known her, has never seen her look at him so angrily. Why?


     “You’re kidding right?”

     “No, why would I joke about such a subject?” Megumi sits up tall while she twirled and un-twirled her hair on her right index finger. “Unfortunately it is true, Toshiro has been taken captive. Not much we can do.” She took a sip from the crystal tea cups set before her, seemingly unfazed by her own words. The study room, draped in silk linens of many cool colors, became silent. Next to the smooth large tablet on the wall, where written are many names of past kings and royal families as a small history lesson had been interrupted, is Mitsuki. Sitting on her own stool, she gritted her teeth as her mother told her of what became of Toshiro. She watched as the queen subconsciously smoothed out a few wrinkles on her emerald green silk dress, and caught herself doing the same to her white cotton/silk dress flowing past her knees resting at her feet.

     I wonder what other color dresses might look good on me…

     Finishing that thought, Mitsuki realized just how weak-minded she is. Thinking about pretty dresses instead of the well-being of her guardian. Anger flashed inside of her, such a foriegn emotion for her, yet this was the second time she felt the storm come to life inside. But this time, instead of meaningless accusations, she would do something. And the longer she bottled up this anger, she figured, the stronger it would become and the stronger it will make me.

     “That doesn’t affect you mother? From what i’ve learned, you’ve known Toshiro since he was five years old. I’m sure he was somewhat special to you.” Mitsuki kept her face expressionless, while her voice struggled to keep the same volume throughout.

     “He is not my guardian.” Megumi raised an eyebrow at her daughter from behind her cup of tea. My child, you must learn to fight for what you love.

     The princess grabbed her own tea cup, and after swallowing it in one gulp, slammed it down on the small table. Storming out, she burst into her own room.

     Megumi sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose, and let some tears flow down her cheeks. Now that the act was over, she freely feared for Toshiro. A possible consolation could be the fact that she knows that Lucien won’t kill him, but the reason why tore her apart. His power was not unknown as he thought, and Lucien has tried since before he became king of Terrian to obtain it. Oh the devastation if he figures out how.

     Walking out of her room, dressed in a gray flowy shirt and fitted white pants, Mitsuki sent a servant running to fetch Yoh, she would not accept the fact that nothing could be done to help Toshiro. Sitting in her bedroom’s entrance, she wrings her hands nervously as she waits for her friend’s arrival. The door slowly opens and in walks a very tired and perplexed Yoh.

     “You wanted me?”

     “Yes, can you find me a way inside Lucien’s castle?”


     He slowly opened his eyes, aware of something heavy holding down his arms by the wrists. At closer inspection, he saw that lead black chains, attached to the wall by a chain of the same heavy stone. Sitting up, too quickly as he immediately felt sick, he recognized the space he was in as some kind of dark, dry, black-bricked square room. The emptiness he felt at his waist told him, without even looking, that his sword was no longer in his possession.

     Where am I?

     He searched his memory and soon found the answer. He had foolishly run off to fight unattended, his frustration and anger clouding his best judgment, and he paid for it. It had seemed as if he was targeted, gray-clad soldiers throwing themselves at him in every attempt to bring him down, but no one could penetrate Toshiro's defense. He was not the youngest to ever fight in the corps for no reason. But invincible he was not, as an attack from both sides caught him off guard and finally brought him down. A sharp pain in his side reminded him of the severe beating he got afterwards.

     His white coat, now ripped, muddied, and encrusted with blood, lay strewn opposite of him. He rubbed his left wrist with his thumb, taking slight comfort in the weathered soft roughness of his diamond armor, forever a part of his skin. In this moment of absolute darkness, it reminded him of who he is, or at least who he wants to be.

     Well well, bit of a fix you got us in.

     Toshiro internally growled at the voice. This… this monster inside of him.

     Ouch, is that what you think of me? A monster? Tsk tsk, I thought perhaps we could finally reconcile.

    Toshiro’s eyes grew wide at the answer, Moriya could hear his thoughts? Were not even his deepest fears a private matter?

    You insult me, and such ignorance! We share the same mind, so of course I know your thoughts. Just as we share many emotions and thinking processes, we share thoughts. The only reason you cannot perceive my side of things is because you refuse to acknowledge me.  

    “Shut up! You are in no way a part of me!”

    Insolent child, one cannot survive without the other. You think too highly of strength, embrace your weakness, it is only then that you may truly thrive.

    “Stop! Leave me be!” Toshiro crouched down, plugging his ears with his hands, not wanting to hear his other side. Simply wanting to be normal, to be able live without this inner agony, to have a family instead of always wondering who were his parents until that fateful day at five years of age. “Just go away!” He screamed from depths of his lungs into the suffocating darkness, willing everything to disappear from existence

    “My my,” A low smooth voice appeared, sending a shiver of absolute terror down Toshiro’s spine. “Quite excitable are we not?” A tall profile entered the stone square room, golden eyes bloodthirsty and menacing. He knelt down, bringing himself at eye-level with the petrified young soldier. “I suggest you conserve your energy,” grabbing the boy’s chin, the King tilted it from side to side, as if inspecting him. “You will need it.”


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