Kingdom Destiny

A kingdom frozen in time.
"Are you strong enough?"
A princess raised in our world.
"Are you weak enough?"
A guardian fighting strife.
"For both you must be to survive."
In the Kingdom of Kessho, Kingdom of Diamonds.
"Destiny awaits..."


10. CHAPTER 10: Broken Glass

     “Mitsuki…” Toshiro calls her name and reaches out his hand to gently grab her shoulder. But she stops in her tracks making him hesitate. Yoh raises his eyebrow with an angry glare, while Misty steps off to the side.

     “Don’t touch me, what color are your eyes?” She keeps her back to him, trying to keep calm. He sighs, knowing the reason she asked.

     “Green, as always princess.” She slowly turns around, as he looks her straight into her midnight blue eyes, fear and anger emanating from them. “Please, let me explain what happene-”

     “What, explain how you murdered two people in cold-blood? There is no excuse for such a thing Toshiro!” She clenches her teeth to keep from full on screaming at him. An exasperated sigh escapes Toshiro.

     “I-I did not know what else to do! They stabbed you, and I thought you were dead Mitsuki! You fell and did not move, I thought you were dead…” He pinches the bridge of his nose, not believing he just tried to defend Moriya.

     “It’s not just the fact that you killed them, you were enjoying it!! Y-you were smiling, and your eyes were of a different color…” She squeezes her eyes shut, images flashing of a blood-splattered face, grinning with dark brown eyes. “That’s not normal! Killing people is not norm-”

     “I am a soldier!” Toshiro interrupts her sentence, causing her to falter. “What do you think I do when I go to battle!? I fight, and I shed blood! Surely there were soldiers in that other world, did they not kill!? This is what I do, I fight to protect those I love!”

     “Well, I can’t love a murderer!” Mitsuki screams out, trying to drown out the sounds of the blacksmith, and the tune of a song that had begun to play out from the training grounds of the soldiers. At her scream, it seemed everyone stopped. Benipe stood watching from the entrance of the smith. The warriors who had begun to run towards the song stopped, stand with curious and worried expressions. Even Megumi, who had come out to meet her soldiers, stood still with a shocked look. All waiting for what Toshiro might respond.

     This can only worsen…

     Instead, he turns and walking away with clenched fists and hunched shoulders. He yells at a near-by stable boy to fetch his sword, as the song continues to blare out. Calling all available soldiers to battle.

     “Where are you going!?” Mitsuki stands stricken with fear, knowing what the song means. “You can’t just go off like that! You don’t have to go fight!”

     “You know nothing!” Toshiro spins around, anger and dejection written on his face. “You take me like a piece of glass and you shatter it! Y-you dare call me a murderer   when you know nothing of me!” He takes a breath, his voice cracking and thick with emotion. “You have broken me!”

     With those final words, he turns and strides away, leaving Mitsuki feeling empty and confused. Taking from her, his own shattered self.


     “They have come your Excellency.”  The servant bows low as he gives the news. He wears a silver vest, his pants gray, with a black inscription of a name, Terrian. He straightens and awaits his master’s response. A tall shadow rises from the black onyx throne, the smooth and formidable stone. His hair a light blonde almost white, piercing eyes the color of gold, shimmering. A smile plays on his lips, satisfaction. Wearing an armor like silver coat and fitted onyx black pants, his imposing figure seems to fill the large rectangular throne room with fear and an intimidating air. His black leather boots clicking the soft white of marble that makes up the rest of the entire castle.

     “Send them in.” He turns to his left, where three dirty bloodstained soldiers stumble in. Wounds fresh and fatigued, they wear a silver skin tight armor over their torsos, tight fitted pants with a flexible armor protecting their legs, soft durable silver sock-like shoes adorn their feet. The name Terrian enscripted across their chests.

     “So tell, is he there?” The king swipes his hand at a marble wall nearest to him, conjuring up what seems to be a screen, or more like a hologram. Shown is the battle between his soldiers, swords flashing and blood constantly being spilled, and the black-clad diamond warriors of Kessho.

     One soldier cleared his throat and motioned to the bound-up lifeless body behind them.

     “We took the initiative and brought him here your Highness.” His hair matted with dirt and the dried rusty color of blood. He bows his head as he kneels to await his master’s response.

     “Excellent. Anik!” He turns to the servant who was waiting quietly by the door. “Lead these great men to some food and give them every luxury for their rest.” The soldier gives his king a smiling nod and helps the wounded soldiers to their well-deserved reward.

     Waiting for their footsteps to fade away, he steps over to the figure lying on the ground. He wakes him up, slamming his foot on his shoulder, forcing Toshiro to yell out in pain and open his eyes. All he sees is a blurred mixture of soft colors, his strength sapping away along with his blood through his multiple deep wounds. He gasps, as the pain, instead of ebbing away, stays constant. And he knows why. His diamond armor, although not as indestructible as one may be led to believe, had begun to regenerate over the rips and kinks, covering his wounds and secreting a healing salve. The process of the rough armor stretching over his wounds, however, can be painful as well.

     “Very impressive. Even having a full 16 years to advance in might beyond your kingdom, as you were frozen in time, I never truly figured out how this diamond armor fixed itself.” He smiled at the thought that he finally had a one to test. If only he could somehow figure out how to rip it from the boy’s skin without killing him… “Ah, Anik! Do me a favor and sound the retreat for our men at battle? I have gotten what I needed.” He hoists Toshiro over his shoulders, eliciting another yelp in pain from him, and strides out towards the depths of the castle.


     “Aluin! They’re running back!” A blood stained dark haired man waves his sword at the retreating silver figures of Terrian. His eyebrows furrow in perplexment, what reason did they have for running away? The battles not even in its final death throes.

     “Well for whatever reason, fine by me. I need a rest and so do you Wynton, now let’s go. Find Toshiro while you’re at it eh? The boy ran off fighting like he was the only one here, he needs to wizen up, tch.” He shakes his head, fiery red hair dulled with the dried brown of blood.

     Arriving at their barracks, however, the serious, arrogant and troubled boy did not appear. Both friends morbidly checked the few bodies that were collected from the battle, hoping to at least find him there. But to no avail. Soldier after soldier searched the abandoned fields of their battlegrounds to find a clue as to where their youngest member could be. And after hours of searching, only one conclusion could be made. Toshiro had been captured prisoner by the Kingdom Terrian and their King, Lucian.

     A melancholy air filled A melancholy air filled the tent barracks, mourning the five who lost their lives fighting, but most of all, fearing for Toshiro. Many know being prisoner is usually a fate worse than death, and him being the youngest, most soldiers had affectionately considered him the little brother. All mutually agreeing to keep an eye out for him during battle and offering advice and help, seeing as he had no family of his own. So to think what their “little brother” had in store for himself at Lucian’s hand, a feeling of helplessness and rage filled each soldier’s heart.

     Exactly what Lucian had expected.

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