Kingdom Destiny

A kingdom frozen in time.
"Are you strong enough?"
A princess raised in our world.
"Are you weak enough?"
A guardian fighting strife.
"For both you must be to survive."
In the Kingdom of Kessho, Kingdom of Diamonds.
"Destiny awaits..."


1. CHAPTER 1: The Guardian


Rain, and the ground is muddy, making it harder to run. I have enough trouble with this open wound in my side. Curses! If I do not hurry, King Peter might be killed, I can’t let that happen, and as his guardian it is my calling. Idiot! How could I have let them separate us like this? And in the middle of a battle! At least I was able to get away, now I must hurry up. I can barely feel my legs; the rain feels like knives cutting through my face. Wait! I see the king! What a relief, he´s all righ- what’s Lucien doing there? Coward! Peter is unarmed! I am almost there, do not fall Peter!



     Toshiro wakes up shivering in cold sweat. He takes a few deep breaths to calm down and gets out of bed. 

     "Just a nightmare, a simple nightmare." He opens the cream colored curtains to his window and sits on a nearby dark wooden chair and runs his hands through his messy jet-black hair. "The past haunts me, why can I not forget that dreadful night?"  He opens his crystalline white armoire and gets dressed in a long white snappy overlapping coat with light blue crystal buttons, he slips on his black silk pants and shoes, he then carefully pins on the crystal green moon emblem, matching the color of his eyes, showing he is a high-ranking member of the royal family, a royal guardian. He hurry's out of his room and into the grand hallway of the palace.

     The walls there seem to be made of ice, but a warm tone instead of cold. Light and dark blue, white, and light purple tapestries hang high from the walls. Alternating between the beautiful moons shaped lamps. Chaos reigns as servants, wearing blue overlapping coats and light blue silk pants for the men, and light blue simple dresses for the ladies, run around carrying flowers, crystals, and the most extravagant decorations. 

     "Lord Toshiro!" A girl servant runs up to him, hands carrying a white diamond vase filled with full red roses. Toshiro turns to tend to her request; the day has started in full swing.

     "What is it Madeline?"

     "I fear I have forgotten on which tables the flowers go, is it just the round tables?”

     "All of them, and the roses are to be dark blue, not red. Now hurry on, I must see to the Queen."

     "Yes my Lord." Madeline turned and scurried off in direction to the great dining hall. Toshiro walks briskly off in the other direction and towards the queen’s chambers. 

     Toshiro walks in slowly while gently knocking the door. It is dark with only a few lamps on, the outer room is round with royal blue soft carpet and light blue sofa chairs surround a dark blue crystal coffee table. 

     "Megumi! You must get down to the dining hall and see to the preparations. It is utter madness without you there."

     "Now?" A tall slender woman with long blonde hair and the lightest blue eyes, wrapped in a light blue robe and golden slippers appears from the inner room. "It is only seven in the morning, why all the fuss?" She yawns and rubs her eyes. 

     "Because, my Queen", Toshiro sighed, "the ceremony is in only two hours. Speaking of which, where is the princess?" 

     "Sleeping as always, inside her crib being as cute as can be." she motions at one of the lady servants to go get her royal dress. "Well, would you be so kind and feed her Toshiro? Gives her more time to get used to her guardian, and I have to go be a queen."

     "Of course Megumi, good luck with that." Megumi hands him a sleeping baby bundled up in a dark blue felt blanket and shoos him out of her chamber so she can change.  

     Toshiro walks over to the kitchen and grabs one of the bottles already in the light purple crystalline refrigerator. He gently wakes the princess and gives her the bottle. "You are seriously much too spoiled, all you do is sleep and eat." He chuckles and helps her with the bottle. "You look just like your father did you know? Same dark blue eyes and dark brown hair...How I wish you could meet him, he was like a father to me. So encouraging and such a joyful man, strong too. Well come along," He puts the now empty bottle away and wipes her face. "You need to put your ceremonial dress on for your christening...And I need to make sure nothing bad ever happens to you. As your guardian, it is my calling.  






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