There was a little bell called bong,
He sang his little song named chong,
eventually a little gong called mong,
joined in with his little song named chong!


4. The strange potato called Mash


The potato called Mash.


Here I am, a potato in the ground,

Not at all disturbed not even a sound,

All I see is soil all day,

Until this "thing" comes in my way.


It's red with a curve, a change, hooray!

Until it tries to pull; no WAY,

Suddenly I thought, hang on,

This could be the end of the soil, so long!


So I let it pull and out I came ,

I'm a little agoraphobic but it will never be the same,

For as I saw the sun shine, in that line across the trees,

It will never ever ever be the same!


"You little beauty" he said,

With a farmer's raucous cry,

And I thought right then,

That farmers never lie!


That evening I was happy,

sitting with the greens,

Because someone had cared,

About the little "Mash!"


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