There was a little bell called bong,
He sang his little song named chong,
eventually a little gong called mong,
joined in with his little song named chong!


5. The mad poem about what aliens on other planets think about in their day dreams


The mad poem about what aliens on other planets think about during their day dreams.


The probability of there being any life form on the face of planet earth is inevitably low.


"humans" are simple minded viruses that do not by any means count when we come to the

matter of life forms on planets.

These strange viruses (not like any other viruses) have a strange language

whilst waving their arms about in a dramatic tone!

This has been going on for some amount of years now (I must tell you).

The land is filled with


about the chances of a rebellion between

the oxygen and hydrogen particles.

(even the oak trees agree with me on that one.)

Ah, the old black hole!

There is no QUESTION that the black hole at the center of the universe doesn't have a whole community of evil,

radio-active Christmas

puddings in it waiting to be sucked into the abis!

Maybe I'm one of them, I like Christmas puddings!

Anyway, there is absolutely no question that the earth is uninhabited

and I need to go there right now

and save the world (of course, with my friend 007!)








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