There was a little bell called bong,
He sang his little song named chong,
eventually a little gong called mong,
joined in with his little song named chong!


14. My Daddy

My Daddy has that jet black hair,

gradually decreasing in mass,

My Daddy has those dark green eyes,

the ones that catch you out,

My Daddy has that shining smile,

the one that's so infectious,

My Daddy has those big, kind hands,

the ones that help you out,

My Daddy has his special place,

the one that's above the clouds,

My Daddy has his greatest love,

the one that he calls mountains,

My Daddy had so long a hair,

The type that looks unique,

But My Daddy has a heart of gold*,

The one that warms you up.


*despite all faults...




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