The Diary of Jess

Welcome to the Diary of Jess-
Upon the opening of this cover, all will be revealed; you will uncover the secret of relationships at my school and why its such a big thing to 'go out', whereas twenty year-olds can just date and, well... get on with it! Why can't it be that simple now?
I mean, everything just spreads, doesn't it?
As soon as you ask someone out, its all on the media, Facebook, Twitter, Skype and next morning...
Also, friends. Why do people argue so much?! I mean people dont really need their own opinion.. , people think i am a really difficult person to get along with but i like people, as soon as they learn to agree with me.. oh, and follow me around like a loyal puppy.
Anyway, all you have to do is swear to secrecy, and you will be free to enter the portal of my world... Why on earth are you hesitating? Go on...


1. Welcome

Welcome, awesome person! You have just opened the first page into my diary , or maybe i am so famous now that you have downloaded a podcast of this or audiobook. If so, then

Switch it off RIGHT NOW!!!

Now, thats done and dusted, i should first explain that i believe that anything that i posess a poor opinion of should be stamped on. Literally. And if anyone hasnt stamped on the one thing that i dont like, then that shows that they clearly dont agree with me. I have an ongoing fued with personal stereos- I hate them! Through hearing this, they evidently still have their stereo and that, my dear, loyal people, means that this person is a traitor and unworthy of reading my secrets, which i am now getting round to divulging.I mean, why do people  even want to know my secrets if they are not a loyal follower? Seriously, the amount of stuck up people you get these days!


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