The Diary of Jess

Welcome to the Diary of Jess-
Upon the opening of this cover, all will be revealed; you will uncover the secret of relationships at my school and why its such a big thing to 'go out', whereas twenty year-olds can just date and, well... get on with it! Why can't it be that simple now?
I mean, everything just spreads, doesn't it?
As soon as you ask someone out, its all on the media, Facebook, Twitter, Skype and next morning...
Also, friends. Why do people argue so much?! I mean people dont really need their own opinion.. , people think i am a really difficult person to get along with but i like people, as soon as they learn to agree with me.. oh, and follow me around like a loyal puppy.
Anyway, all you have to do is swear to secrecy, and you will be free to enter the portal of my world... Why on earth are you hesitating? Go on...


2. Starting Hearthedge school

Mum thinks i'm really clever. I know I am. Thats why my tutor said i should try and apply for a scholarship to Hearthedge. Its the best state school in the area, blissfully only three miles from our house in Sheeptown. Originally only me and one of my best friends, Bellatrice were going to apply for a scholarship, but, somehow the mums spread the word so that almost half of our year was trying to get in- Typical! i mean, how could any of these people try to  I tried all of the challenges, pretty much for the fun of it;
I had no need to worry- i knew i was way too intelligent for the school to turn me down but, nethertheless, i still tried all three challenge options. I applied for sport, listing my multiple sports which i was brilliant at on the form, and put my name down for the 'physical assessment'.

I first went to the trampolining. It was well awesome! I had never seen a trampoline that big, even on my flatscreen at the Olympics two years ago. It was massive. The teacher running it was short, but really pretty, like me. We shared exactly the same shade of blonde. Because of this, I sent her a rare smile, telling her i approved. She did not return it. She stared coldy at me, as if i was nothing but a ball of gum on the sole of her trainer. She called out the names of people in alphabetical order, leaving me till last. I now definitely did not approve of her, and was half in a mind to complain to the head of the school, whomever she may be, that this woman clearly did not show students enough respect. I HATE the use of the alphabet when determining the order of how people should do something. It makes me feel that I am unnapreciated, always left till last. Why not put the most important, pretty people first? I never understood why that was not the way.

Eventaully, I looked up from my perfect french manicure to see the gym teacher staring at me. I heard her call my name. I stepped forward and clambered, rather ungraciously onto the the large red tramoline. I sprung up and down at the slightest move and had to be very careful that i didnt fall off trhough the gaps in the springs and i neared the centre...

I bounced up and down, deciding to put in a few of my fabulous, graceful twirls before attempting a huge bounce to the front, and i slipped off. It wasn't my fault- it  was definitely too sweaty to be fair- it should have been cleaned between goes! Really, I mean, if this is the way things go at this school then i really cannot imagine how bad it would have been in somewhere like St Catherines!

I demonstrated my skills at the other stations and felt fairly dissatisfied with the schools efforts to make me feel at home.I aced the technology and science, and played my oboe to perfection! I have no idea why i put an exclamation mark; its no real surprise really, is it...

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