Moving away

When Anastasia finds out she is moving to England ,she is not happy. She realises how many choices she has to make but her biggest one of all is chooseing between her boyfriend and friends or her family.
But it doesn't help when she is at the best dance school in america which could offer her lots of oppertunities and succseses in life and her teachers don't want her to go either.
Which one will she choose America or England........


2. Tuesday

"Lola,Lola,Lola .........WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!"

"Ok im up,im up whats the big rush its only seven am"

"No its not we forgot to set the alarm last night its actually eight AM"

"Which means we only have 10 mins to get to class.........aaaahhhhhhhhh"


I didn't get alot of luck when i went to class either ,Lola and i knew we were going to be late we were just waiting to hear what the punishment was.

"GIRLS why are you so late" Miss Smith exclaimed.

"Errrrmmm......well we forgot to set our alarm last night sooooo we slept in" Lola answered.

"Thats it, detention for another week"Miss smith said.

"But my birthday party is on thursday"

"Thats not my problem Annastasia"

After class Lola and i decided we needed to get out of detention, we couldn't miss my own party!!! We just had to think of a plan so sly so mischeivious and so we don't get even more detention.Im kind of scared (i haven't been before),but i like this feeling of being bad i feel like i can defeat anything anyone,apart from most of the people in my class (im kind of shy).

"So Lola have you thought of a plan yet"


"I have,we should stick a kick me sign on miss smiths back and by thursday she will be so weak she will not be able to run after us when we run from detention"

"Orrrrr we could just avoid detention on thursday"

"Ok Good idea"

Yeah im not the best at this sneeky plan sort of thing because i have never had to do it before.I can't believe im moving to England ,well i mean i don't want to but i can't bare to be 9 hours away from my parents,even though i never see them anyway.

"Time for tea Annastasia"Lola shouted.



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