All Is Fair In Love And War

Kelsey Nicole Sheeran, who goes by Nicole, is just your average 17 year old, right? Wrong. Her brother is Ed Sheeran. Things take an unexpected turn when she flies out to visit her brother, whom she hasn't seen since she moved to America. Her past returns, and things get pretty hectic. What happens when she steals not only one, but two of the boys' of One Direction's hearts? Which will she choose? Will she even choose one if them, or will someone else come and sweep her off her feet? You'll just have to read to find out.


5. Teasing Him ;)

Harry's POV

She grabbed my arm and pulled me into the kitchen, sending tingles down my spine.


"I'm gonna go get dressed into something that I don't mind getting dirty." She said, heading out the kitchen door.


I inspected her body as she left. Those burgundy skinny jeans complemented her legs, as well as her bum. That skin-tight black shirt, hugging her curves perfectly. She was lovely. I had to get her before any of the other boys. Only one problem.




Nicole's POV

I walked up the stairs, unnoticed as the guys were caught up in a video game.


When I got to the room, I automatically stripped down to my thong and bra. I don't want a panty-line through my jeans, so I wear thongs. It was a bad habit, stripping down immediately. I started rummaging through my suitcases for clothes.


Suddenly the door burst open. I screamed, turning around to find a blushing Niall.


"Erm... I'm so sorry!" He exclaimed, turning around.


"No, no! It's okay. We're sharing a room anyways, might as well get used to it." I laughed, turning him around. "Plus, I need help!"


Niall's POV

When I walked in, I tried my best not to stare at her bum. She was wearing a thong, making it extremely hard. Then she turned me around to face her, telling me to get used to it.


I needed to leave. She was slowly turning me on.


"Plus, I need help!" She smiled.


"What is it?" I asked, trying to keep cool, sound casual, and keep my gaze from leaving her eyes all at once. It came out in an awkward tone, and I knew I was sweating. I was getting nervous.


"Help me pick out my clothes. I need something to wear that I don't mind getting dirty. I'm thinking pajamas? Help me?"


"Sure. How about this and this?" I said, pointing at a pair of short tie-die PJ shorts, mainly consisting of pinks and purples, and a purple tank top that said 'love' in pink, cursive letters. 


"Awesome! Thanks!" She smiled. Her smile was something, let me tell you that. Her perfect, white teeth. Those light, baby pink lips. She was just perfect in every way.


Nicole's POV

"You're a life saver!" I added, quickly pecking him on the lips, in a friendly way of course. Like you did with your mom when you were 5. He just blushed.


I looked down. "Oops..." I said as I noticed that I was still not dressed. It was my turn to blush. I hurriedly got my clothes out of the suitcase, him watching the whole time.


"Take a picture. It'll last longer." I remarked, a smirk threatening to creep onto my lips.


He got out his phone and did so.


"HEY! NOT LITERALLY! GIVE ME THAT!" I yelled, trying to get his phone, still not dressed. He chuckled. "IT'S NOT FUNNY!"


"No, but it is pretty hot..." He mumbled, barely audible. Poor boy thought I couldn't hear.


"I'm half naked! Delete it!"




"I'll delete it when you least expect it. You're lucky. You won this time, only because I have to go cook, but watch your back, 'cause I'm like a ninja... Silent but deadly." And with that, I got dressed and left.


"Hey!" I chirped when I reached the kitchen,


"Hi!" Harry said, studying me as I got out the ingredients. "What are we making? We never agreed on anything."


"I have an idea, so shut it, Styles." I snapped. Then, I turned around and shot him my best smile.


"What do you want, Nicole?"


"What do you mean, 'what do you want?' Who says that I want anything?"


"I may be a boy, but I grew up around women, and my sister, Gemma, does that when she wants something. Now spill it."


"Fine! Can you get the flour off of the top shelf?" I pleaded, putting on my best puppy dog face. "You're a good 5 inches taller than me!"


"Okay, but you owe me!" He said, a smirk playing across his lips.


Crap! What did I get myself into?


May as well have a little fun while I'm at it. A plan  formed in my head. 'Perfect!' I patted myself on the back.


"Here" he sat the bag of flour on the counter, and sat in a tool at the island bar. "What's first?"


I came up behind him. "Let's look it up." I whispered seductively in his ear.


Harry's POV

"Let's look it up." She whispered seductively in my ear. Her hot breath on my neck, turning me on and sending tingles down my spine.


How did she know how to turn me on? Better yet, how did she know that I liked her?


"Where?" I asked.


"On the computer, silly." She replied, doing the same thing, this time purposely brushing her lips against my neck. Gosh, this girl was killing me.


"Tease!" I accused.


"Whatever on earth are you talking about, Harold?" She asked innocently, teasing me again.


"Oh my gosh! Just kiss me already!" I say, frustrated.


I stood up, pulling her by the waist, closing any gap between us, and kissed her roughly. We kissed for a minute, our lips moving in sync. She squeezed my bum and I let out a moan into her mouth. She softly bit my bottom lip, causing me to moan again. We kissed some more and I grazed her bottom lip, begging for an entrance, but she denied and pulled apart from me, opened the laptop, and got the recipe.


"What? Why did you stop?" I asked. "You're such a tease!" I exclaimed. What the heck just happened?


She didn't answer, so I just dropped it. Turns out, we were making chicken pot pies and some sides. I suggested that we make a pie to celebrate her home-coming, and she agreed. We made all the food, not saying a word. She wore the same smirk the whole time and I just stood there, absolutely and utterly confused.


"That was amazing!" Said Ed (A/N: That rhymed! :P Tehe), setting down his napkin after wiping his mouth.


"It was." I winked at Nicole.


She kicked me under the table. "Ouch!" I cried out in pain.


She smirked. Everyone was looking at us curiously. We just laughed, shaking our heads.


A/N: I remember when I first wrote this chapter. It was so awkward, and it was just as awkward tying it again. Sorry if you felt uncomfortable, I did too. I will update my other stories later. I need to take a shower now. I had pizza and it was like, 9 something in the morning. Hehe, I'm bad. I'm sorry that I didn't update last night, the laptop I was using was being a buttface and decided to break, so I couldn't. Comment, fan, favorite, like. Thank you my Lilies! and if you read this, comment "My mom hates chicken and dumplings" BYEEE!!!



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