All Is Fair In Love And War

Kelsey Nicole Sheeran, who goes by Nicole, is just your average 17 year old, right? Wrong. Her brother is Ed Sheeran. Things take an unexpected turn when she flies out to visit her brother, whom she hasn't seen since she moved to America. Her past returns, and things get pretty hectic. What happens when she steals not only one, but two of the boys' of One Direction's hearts? Which will she choose? Will she even choose one if them, or will someone else come and sweep her off her feet? You'll just have to read to find out.



Harry's POV

Liam and Nicole made their way back over as she seated herself again. The two earned a few weird looks, considering he just walked out of the girls bathroom, her face was read and her hair was messily thrown in a ponytail. That could be taken the wrong way...


"What happened?" I questioned.


"Nothing." She replied.


"Are you sure?" I pushed, begging to know the truth. I want to get to know her.


"Positive, babe." She smiled big, showing me her matching dimples that I hadn't noticed before.


I smiled at her smile. She poked my dimples and smiled wider, causing me to do the same. I just laughed as her green eyes stared at me. 


She looked away. I really wish she was mine.


Niall's POV

We headed back home. I knew something was up with Nick, I just didn't know what. She seemed sorta off, almost distant. Except with Liam. She was talking, cuddling, laughing with Liam. What was going on there?


Whatever it was, it made me mad. Were they dating? I knew he liked her when she first came, but I thought those feelings disappeared.


We finally arrived at the house. One by one, we hopped out of the car.


Nicole ran up the stairs, once again, phone in hand. I guess she was gonna call that guy. Brent?


"NIALL. FREAKING. HORAN!" I heard her yell all the way from our shared room. I chuckled. She must've found out.


We all ran up to the room.


"What's wrong, Nicole?" Louis asked as he opened the door. Everyone stopped in their tracks.


We all began laughing, while Nicole stood there, unamused. I saw a small smile tugging at the corners of her lips. Soon enough, she was laughing along.


"Why is there a... Large... Excuse me, wall sized... Poster of me from the VS photoshoot on our wall?" She asked.


"I got it because I thought you might like it." I winked.


"Yes, Niall. That's just what I love! Waking up to see myself in nothing but undergarments!" She replied sarcastically.


We were all still in fits of laughter. She just described exactly what I would more than love to wake up to. Being her on the poster, though. Not me. That would be weird.


Nicole's POV

"Now get out of my room, guys! I have an important call to make!" I shooed them out of my room, which was easy since they were all still laughing at the poster. I rolled my eyes, even though they couldn't see me. They were so childish sometimes. Ah, who am I kidding? Are. They ARE childish. Always.


I rung Brent.


"Hey Cole!" He exclaimed as he picked up the phone.


"Hey-heyyyy!!" I failed an attempt of an American accent.


"Yeah. Never do that again..." We both laughed.


"Oh, come on! It's better than your British accent!" I accused.


"Nuh-uh! My Brit accent is brilliant, love." He tried to impersonate me. Key word, TRIED.


We both laughed some more.


"Whatever." I said. "I miss you!"


"I miss you too, Nick! Sorry to cut this short, but I have to go."


"Nah. I understand. Bye, babe."




I hung up and laid on the bed, sighing.


Harry's POV

"Hey, mate. Have you noticed anything between Liam and Nicole lately?" Niall asked me.


"Yeah, kinda. I though it was just me. We should talk to him."




We pulled Liam into my room and sat him down on my bed.


"What's going on, guys?" He asked, innocently. Innocent, my butt!


"Are you dating Nicole?" I didn't beat around the bush, I cut straight to the chase. He looked at me, shocked that I had just asked him that.


"What? No! Why would you think that?!" He shrieked.


"You guys have been cuddling, and acting close and you followed her to the bathroom and came out hand-in-hand!" I didn't even stop for a breath. I just had to let it all out.


Niall nodded, a disgusted look on his face. "Explain that!"


"Guys, I was comforting her!"


"Why? Because it's the anniversary?"


"No. Well, yeah. Partially. But guys, she's... She's... She's anorexic..."


We both gasped. My mouth became dry as I couldn't think of anything to say. I was speechless. I knew she was skinny, but I never realized just how thin she was.


"I'm sorry, man! We shouldn't have just jumped to conclusions." Niall apologized.


"Yeah. Me too." I finally managed to spit out.


"Apology accepted. Now we have a plan for miss Nicole to finish."


We gave him a confused look.


"You'll see." He said with a smirk, and with that, he exited the room.


Nicole's POV

I walked down the stairs and straight to the kitchen. I pulled the OJ out of the fridge and grabbed a glass from the cabinet, carefully pouring it in the cup. I grabbed my cup off of the counter and opened the door leading from the kitchen to the living room. Just as I did so, there was a knock on the door. The guys were all upstairs in Ed's room playing video games together, completely oblivious to what was going on down here.


I sat the glass on the table in front of the tellie and walked to the door, cautiously opening it. I let out a little yelp as someone put their hand over my mouth, spinning me around, into a headlock.


"Don't make a noise!" The voice growled in my ear. I felt the cool metal of a knife being placed on my neck.


A/N: DUN DUN DUNNNNNN!!!!! CLIFF HANGERRR!!! I don't usually do cliff hangers, but I think this is fun! I should do them more often! Even though this is all already written. :P So, two chapters in one night? You like? I hope you like this! Since my last chapter was so short, I updated again with a longer one. I already gave you something to put in the last chapter if you read this, so I don't feel the need for another one. LOVE YOU, MY LILIES!!!! <3 xx


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