All Is Fair In Love And War

Kelsey Nicole Sheeran, who goes by Nicole, is just your average 17 year old, right? Wrong. Her brother is Ed Sheeran. Things take an unexpected turn when she flies out to visit her brother, whom she hasn't seen since she moved to America. Her past returns, and things get pretty hectic. What happens when she steals not only one, but two of the boys' of One Direction's hearts? Which will she choose? Will she even choose one if them, or will someone else come and sweep her off her feet? You'll just have to read to find out.


6. Memories

Nicole's POV

After dinner, I went up to Niall and I's room. I was kind of feeling down. It started when I thought of my best friend. Her name was Alyssa Katherine Graves. We were so close, we were practically sisters. I thought of all the good and bad times we had together. One in particular popped into my mind as I drifted asleep.


*The Dream*

"Nicky! I'm home!" She called.


"Heyyyy!!!" I said, dragging it out. "Oh, and this isn't even your house. It's mine!" I laughed, as did she.


"But I practically live here."


"True. How was it today?" I asked.


"Worse than usual. He was really mad today for some reason." She showed me the bruises and bloody spots. I cringed. The sight was repulsive.


"Her dad beat her, Every day she had a new scar, bruise, or injury.


"Well, I'm headed to the gorcery store. I need some food for the sleepover tonight! Your 15th birthday!" I was fourteen at the time. She was only a year older than me. I gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. "I love you! Be right back!" It wasn't weird for us to do that, as we had known each other since birth.


If only I hadn't left.


When I returned home, I went inside. I stepped into the living room, almost immediately dropping my bags and ran to the bloody body laying on the ground. I was bawling by now. I shook my best friend.


"ALYSSA!!!" I looked at her stomach. There was a knife dug deep into her petite body, only the plastic black handel showing. I instantly regretted leaving.


I looked closer. There was a note. It read:



Happy 15th, Alyssa! You deserved to die, you little bitch!

-Love Daddy. <3 P.S., I know you're reading this, Nicole. Watch your back because I'm coming for you. You're next. Mark three years time, and you're dead. Just like Alyssa.


I called 999 and just lay there, crying. I will never forget that day.


Liam's POV

I was downstairs when I hear a scream. We all jumped up and ran up the steps.


"What's going on?" I asked Ed.


"I dunno? Nightmare?"




We walked into the room. She screamed once more, her blood-curdling scream echoing through the house.


Then she said, "I'M SO SORRY, IT'S ALL MY FAULT!"


Ed shook her, a scared expression on his face.


"Nick! Baby, wake up!" He shook her some more. She finally opened her eyes, flying up straight, eyes wide and watery. She started crying. We all sat on her bed, trying to comfort her.


"What's wrong?" I asked.


"It's all my fault!" She screamed.


"What's all your fault?"


"It's just my fault!"


"Can we have some privacy?" Ed pretty much shoved us out the door.


As soon as he closed it, we all pressed our ears up to the wooden door.


Ed's POV

"Nick, are you okay?" I asked, my voice full of concern.


She sobbed quietly, inhaling deeply. I stroked her hair.


"I'm just thinking about Alyssa. It's all my fault. If I hadn't left her, it never would have happened. Tomorrow marks three years. And her dad. That note. He's coming for me. I'm next..." She could barely speak. Her sobs once more turned into hyperventilating and more crying.


"It's not your fault, stop blaming yourself! And her won't come near you if I have anything to do with it."


She put on a fake, small smile, but I could see right through it. The pain in her eyes, the fear, the way she trembled. She as terrified for her life.


"Remember when we were younger?" I asked her. "When one of us was sad?"


She nodded.


"When we used to work on and sing your songs?" She asked and put on a smile. It looked genuine, not forced. Most of the fear was gone. It made me happy, knowing that I was cheering her up.


"Remember when I was writing 'A-Team'?"


"Yeah! I do!"


"Wanna give it a go? I know it's been years and we might be a but rusty, but it'll help get your mind off of things."


"Absolutely." She nodded, that beautiful smile on her face.


I got out my guitar and strummed the beginning.


We sang, harmonizing, our voices blending perfectly.


"An angle to die." We finished.


I heard an applause as the boys burst through the door.




Nicole looked down at the ground, smiling and blushing hardcore. She hated people to hear her sing. She was so shy when it came to that.


"I didn't know you could sing?" They all said, but it sounded more like a question.


"I can't." She replied.


"Well, I'm gonna go to bed if you don't mind. I've gotta get up early. Night, babes!" She said, hugging us all and giving us each a kiss on the cheek.


Harry's POV

Wow! Nicole was an amazing singer, just like her brother. I smiled at their 'brother-sister' relationship. It was so sweet.


"Well, I'm gonna go to bed if you don't mind. I've gotta get up early. Night, babes." She literally pushed us out of her and Niall's room.


"Hey! I sleep there, too!" Nial yelled.


"Come in here if you wanna sleep!" She yelled back through the shut door.


"But I'm not tired now..." Said Niall.


"Uuuugggghhh!" She groaned. "Then why'd you complain?"


"I dunno..." Niall trailed off, dragging himself down the stairs.


I chuckled.


When we were all downstairs, I finally asked the question that we had all been dying to know.


"Who was she talking about... Alyssa?"


"Her best friend."


"What happened?" Asked a shocked Zayn.


"She died.. Well she..." He paused for a moment. "She was murdered... By her own father..." He said, trying to keep the tears in his eyes from coming out.


We all gasped.


"When?" Asked Louis.


"Tomorrow marks the third year." He sobbed quietly. "Her birthday."


"She was murdered on her birthday?" I took in a deep breath.


"Yep... She was turning 15. Nicole was going to buy things for the party she was throwing. She left her in the house, and when she got back, Lissy was lying dead on the ground, a knife in her stomach, in a puddle of her own blood..." By now, all of us were crying. "She blames herself for it. She ways that if she didn't leave that she would still have her best friend. And it only gets worse. Read this..."


He got up and opened a drawer, pulling out a sticky note. He handed it to me, as I was sitting the closest to him on the couch.


The note had blood on it. Disgusting.


"It was stuck to Alyssa's body when she arrived. Nicole gave it to me to keep and save."


I read it aloud: "Happy 15th, Alyssa! You deserved to die, you worthless bitch. Love Daddy. PS, I know you're reading this, Nicole. Watch your back, because I'm coming for you. You're next... Mark three years and you're dead. Just like Alyssa." I finished. "Wait... Tomorrow is three years you said, right? He's coming for her!"


"Oh my gosh! I forgot! We need to protect her, guys." He said, the most serious I had EVER seen him.


"Sure thing, buddy." I said, rubbing comforting circles onto his back.


A/N: I'm sorry for the short, boring, depressing chapter. :( It's 2:30 in the morning where I live and I am extremely tired. I won't be updating Since The Beginning because I'm too tired. If you read this, comment "Do you like Pina Coloda?" :P I don't know how to spell it, but whatever. Night, my Lilies! <3 xx


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